Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Agawa Canyon Trip, Oct. 6-8 2015

My "Mom's Lunch Group" (Marty, Maureen R. Nancy and myself) went on a three day adventure to take the Agawa Canyon Train Tour.  We headed out at 8 Tuesday morning om route to Sarnia as we  decided to drive through Michigan to avoid the Toronto and hwy 400 traffic. It was a trip filled with many laughs and many stops along the way.  Marty gave us all a travel pillow for the trip. There was a zebra, elephant, cow and a lady bug. We crossed the border and we were surprised that they let us all in  The drive on I-75 was amazing. There was very little traffic and the scenery was wonderful.We didn't arrive into Sault Ste Marie until after dark and headed to our hotel to get settled before going to the casino for a few hours. We headed to bed very late and had to be up for 6 am. We wanted to be at the train station by shortly after 7 to get our tickets and board the train at 7:30 for an 8am departure. The ride up was 4 hours with a 1 1/2 hour stop in the canyon and we returned back at 5:15. The scenery was breathtaking all along the route and the fall colours were at peak. We couldn't have wished for a better day to travel to the Agawa Canyon. With every turn and ever km of travel there was something that took our breath away with the beauty that nature had to offer as we traveled along the 115 km route. The day started with a little fog which added to the beauty of the scenery. As the train moved along and the sun burned off the fog the true colours of autumn began to show and we were in awe of its pallet of colours. When we arrived in the canyon we headed to the Lookout Trail which meant we had to climb over 300 stairs to see the view from the top. It was well worth the climb as the views were amazing. After enjoying that scenery we hiked to the Beaver Falls and then onto the Bridal Veil Falls before headed back to the train for the trip home. It was a lot of hiking in a short period of time but it was worth every step we took as the views were breathtaking. The trip back was very much worth watching as the suns angle gave it a much different look than we had in the morning. We enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal that evening and were off to bed by 11pm as we were all very tired. Thursday we were up at 7 and had a more leisurely couple of hours to enjoy breakfast and get ready for our trip back home. It was a dreary rainy day but our friendship and laughs made it quite pleasant. We had many stops along the road home as there were dry spots along the way that we could enjoy the scenery. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner which we all really enjoyed before making the final leg of our journey to the border and back home, We arrived back home just after midnight and we were all ready for a good nights rest. This was the first sleepover trip we have taken together and we had a blast. We now know we can survive each others company for a few  We will be planning another trip in the future and I can hardly wait for our next adventure full of laughs and wonderful times together.

Crossing into the States at Sarnia

Not much traffic on the I-75

Lady in the clouds as we cross back into Canada

Heavy fog in the valleys
as we start our train ride

The lakes along the way were offering amazing views

Above the tree tops was breathtaking

The water was so blue against the fall foliage

This helicopter was filming and taking pictures
along most of the northern route we took

The further we traveled the more rock we saw

View of the canyon after climbing over 300 stairs

The Montreal River flows through the canyon

A closer look along the river

Some of the scenery looked like painting

The rails on the stairs helped with the climbing

Fall leaves in a creek in the canyon

I found a wee bird enjoying a berry

Beaver Falls was tucked away in the trees

The water crossed over each other and formed an X

It amazes me how a tree can grow on the rock cliffs

Wide angle view of Bridal Veil Falls

Close up of the lower edge of Bridal Veil Falls

The engine of our train with a lovely background

What a great place for a cottage
View of some of the cars on the train as we crossed the trestle

We could see for miles at some points on the train

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