Thursday, October 22, 2015

Awenda, Oct 9-12 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
 We had the best Thanksgiving weekend we have had for a while. The weather was amazing and with each passing day it just got better until it reaches into the mid 20's with the humidity on Monday. The fall colours were not at peak yet but there was beautiful views to enjoy.
 Friday was a quiet and restful time for us. We enjoyed a pizza dinner and I spent the evening with my feet up as they had gotten quite swollen from my trip to the Agawa Canyon. It was nice to just relax and have an early night to bed.
 Saturday we were meeting up with Mike and Wendy at the Penetanguishene docks to head to the Riverhouse Restaurant for lunch and do a tour of the area. We had turkey dinner with all the trimmings for lunch. We had a great afternoon together and enjoyed the scenery along the way. We returned back to camp after a tour of the park and spent the remainder of the evening by a crackling campfire.
 Sunday we hiked a few trails in the park and enjoyed some time by the waters edge since it was such a warm and sunny day. I was hoping to see a few deer and maybe see the fawn that I had spent time with in June but there were none to be found. The only wildlife we encountered where a number of chipmunks. There was one that had its home on our site so it was a frequent visitor to collect some food for the winter. We enjoyed a delicious bbq'd dinner and spent the rest of the day enjoying a restful evening by the fire.
 Monday was so warm that it was hard to believe that it was mid October. I found a chipmunk that was hiding in a tree and I wanted to entice it out so I got a few peanuts and put them by the hole. It didn't take long for it to come out and take one back into the tree. When I returned back to the motorhome the chipmunk from our site was on top of the open jar of peanuts that I had left on the picnic table helping herself to the jackpot she had  I decided to see if she would climb into the jar of shelled peanuts as it only had a small amount left. Well it was the funniest thing to watch as she eventually fell in, panicked for a few seconds and then proceeded to fill her cheeks before climbing out. She returned a few more times before I decided to just leave out sunflower seeds for them to enjoy. After that entertainment we headed to Kettle Lake for one last hike and a trip through the park to view the surrounding beauty. Once back at camp we had brunch and a bit of relaxation before packing up for our drive home. We initially thought we would stay until Tuesday morning but since there was rain coming in over night and into Tuesday we decided to leave on Monday afternoon. It is always fun to visit Awenda as we always spend three days in the park and it feels so much more relaxing having that extra day.

Country scene on our drive up

Seagull doing some preening

Zebra Muscles at the Midland docks

Float planes taking off in the evening light
Sunset at Penetanguishene Harbour

Chippy coming out of her burrow

Blue waters of Georgian Bay

Who's resting on the end of the log?
Autumn's splendor at Kettle Lake

Face in the tree where something is hiding

Peeking out to see if I am there

A peanut helps to concur her fears

Scary face looking at us from the fire

A cage on a trail that protected snapping turtle eggs

Natures flower pot

Mushroom in the sunlight at our site

Chippy staring me down from up in the tree


Beauty was all along the roadways

Even the bees were out enjoying the warmth

Caught her in the peanut

Trying to reach the peanuts

Help.... I fell in the jar

Since I am in here I may as well 
fill up before getting out

What vibrant colours on these maple leaves

Along the park road as we headed for home

Tranquility in the county

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