Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rondeau, Oct. 16-18 2015

 It was migration time at Rondeau Park this weekend. We have never been there when so many birds where traveling through to there winter homes in the south. The most impressive sight to see over 300 Turkey Vulture soaring overhead late on Saturday. There were a number of Ruby Crowned Kinglets, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Robins, Tundra Swans and a first for me was the Black-throated Blue Warbler. We also were able to enjoy the company of a number of deer at the park.The park still had a lot of green foliage but there was lots of yellow and golds mixed in to give it a rich look. I had fun with the Blue Jays as I made them work a little to get there peanuts. We were able to listen to a few owls hooting away as we enjoyed a few hours at the campfire each night. Saturday morning was quite cool and there was frost on some of the open areas of the park.  Both mornings we were awaken by the sounds of gun fire as it is duck hunting season in the bay area of the park. It was quite windy all weekend but our site was well protected by the trees and we enjoyed just sitting outside and enjoying nature.

Duncan in his glory following a firetruck

Blue Jay hiding its peanuts

Golden light on the seed pod

Lesser Yellowlegs in the bay

A young buck at the edge of the woods

Seeds caught in a spiders web

Yellow Rumped Warbler at our site

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Mom and her young one out for an evening stroll

Turkey Vultures soaring over the park
Closer view of a few of them

Turkey Vultures roosting in a tree for the night

Who's watching me?

Ruby-crowned Kinglet showing its ruby spot

Kinglet taking off

What are you looking at?

Scenic park road

Mr. Downy working the vine

White-breasted Nuthatch winking at me....

Got my nut so I am out of here

Flowers still in bloom and looking amazing

Jay all fluffed up

Blue Jay perched on the jar lid

Reaching for a peanut in the jar

The road less traveled was breathtaking

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