Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rondeau, May 6-8 2016

 Wow! It was 27c when we arrived at the park. It was wonderful to feel that heat and it didn't take Duncan long to put on his shorts for the first time this year. The Baltimore Orioles could be heard singing throughout the park. We enjoyed some time touring in the park and watching some of the migrating birds. We watched the male Killdeer as he tried to entice a female with his mating ritual. It was quite amazing to watch. We enjoyed some quiet time at camp before settling down to a delicious dinner and an evening by the campfire. 
 Saturday I went for a long hike in the early morning before a late breakfast. It's so peaceful. Most of what I heard was the birds singing. I found a raccoon sound asleep way up in a tree, It spent the whole day up there and would move once in a while to get more comfortable. We had a bit of rain midday but not enough to interfere with our plans. We walked the Spicebush Trail and enjoyed time just relaxing at the campsite. Dinner was a roast with potato's, carrots and turnip which we had put in the crock pot in the morning. It was sooooooo good that we both ate too much but enjoyed every bite of it. 
 Sunday we went for a bike ride to the marsh area, I had a little accident and fell off my bike but wasn't hurt thank goodness. There were a lot of ruts in the dirt road and my tire got caught in one. That is the first time I ever remember falling off my bike. It is amazing how things seem to move in slow motion as you are falling. When we returned to camp we enjoyed brunch, and relaxed for a while before we packed up to move off our site. We headed to the visitor center and went for a hike on the Tulip Trail before one last tour before heading home. It was a great weekend even if there we not many migrating birds at the park yet. I guess they are waiting for warmer weather that is going to stay before braving our shores. 

Having a restful sleep

Male Killdeer trying to entice the girlfriend...

Forsythia blossoms

Male White-throated Sparrow

Not what I would call a cute bird

Large snapping turtle crossing the park road

Baltimore Oriole enjoying the orange

We found a Killdeer nest
Nothing more relaxing that a hot chocolate and a campfire
Chippy wanted some vitamin C.......

Butterfly feeding on a dandelion 

So many trees in blossom

My first photos of a Solitary Sandpiper

It closed its eyes every time it put its beak in the water
Doing a little preening on its tail
Red Trillium With webs

Male Grosbeaks sharing a branch

This male Palm Warbler walked right up to our feet

The ponds were alive with yellow flowers

The Catbird flew in for some orange

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