Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big Chair Adventures

 My Mom's Lunch Group decided we had to get our pictures taken in the big chairs that are popping up in different places. So, on Sept 13th we started our adventure to the first chair where we took individual photos as well as a group photo. Unfortunately when Marty was getting down out of the chair her foot slipped and she went for a tumble. We went out and enjoyed lunch before our second photo shoot in a red chair. This one had steps to get into it so we had no injuries at this one. Marty's hand was getting quite painful and swelling so a trip to emerg was required. She had a splint cast put on and has to be seen at the fracture clinic tomorrow. Hopefully she will get good news and be back to work soon. We didn't realize just how big these chairs were until we had to climb into them. When we saw the photos we just laughed as we all looked so small sitting in the chairs.

I look rather small in this chair

Maureen R, Nancy, Me and Marty

My Mom's Lunch Group
We always have such great fun!

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