Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clancy Luau, July 26-28 2013

In the Hawaiian language aloha means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say hello and goodbye.
I believe that having our first themed reunion as Hawaiian was appropriate considering the original meaning of aloha.
It was another wonderful week-end with family and lots of laughs and good times were enjoyed. Even the rain on Saturday couldn't spoil the fun. There were a number of people who arrived on Friday so we enjoyed a great evening around the campfire.
Saturday was the main event day and we were lucky enough to dodge most of the rain until late evening when the skies opened up after putting on a great light show. We enjoyed the day visiting, eating, playing games, eating some more, doing a Clancy getting to know you trivia and eating even more!!! We also did a mock wedding as our cousin Pat will be getting married this fall to Geoff so we wanted to incorporate something into the week-end festivities, A special thanks to Liz for organizing that. Matthew dressed up as the bride, Aurora was the groom and Steve dressed up as a baby to add more humour to the ceremony.
Sunday we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and went into Maryhill to get a group picture on the steps of what use to be our grandmother Clancy's house. As children we often had family photos taken on the front steps. The woman that lives there now even allowed us to tour the main floor of the house. What memories it brought back for some of us. The main comment by most of us was that it didn't seem as big now as when we were children. Some of the cousins were raised in that house and for others it was a place that we visited quite often so it was a thrill to be able to be in the house after all these years. There were a number of original parts of the house still intact. My sister Janet and I stopped at Diana's and Donny's house in Maryhill for a short visit before we headed back to Fred and Liz's to finish packing. A couple of people had the privilege of receiving new nicknames which I am sure will be with them for a long time. I hope "Bullets" and "Fur Face" had as much fun as I did this past week-end. A big thank-you to Fred and Liz for sharing their home and amazing property with all of us so we could once again enjoy such wonderful time with family.
Calling all Clancy's for next years Mexican Reunion on the week-end of July 26th 2014. Be sure to mark that date on your calendars now so you won't miss out on all the fun!!!

Friday afternoon I spent some time enjoying the sights in the country
Holding on by a sliver

Shades of pink

Hey, you looking at me

My first photo this year of a Monarch Butterfly

This is a female Monarch

A bumble bee flying to the bee balm

A sparrow in the evening sun

Sun setting over the trees

 Collecting pollen on the Rose of Sharon

Saturday's Festivities
The monkey in the tree dressed up for the luau
Liz, Bill & Janet enjoying time together
Sophie & Aurora smiling for the camera

Keeping warm & dry by the campfire

Trying to get the football out of the tree

The future bride and groom, Pat & Goeff with Matthew 
who dressed as the bride for the celebration

Pat throwing the bouquet to all the single girls

Aurora getting a ride in the neighbour's buggy

Memories at the Frank Homestead in Maryhill
Out on the front lawn just like when we were kids

Many family photo's were taken on this front porch

Some of the amazing molding from in the house

An original door and latch

Entrance door to the cellar

The old garage is still standing with the sliding door

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