Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Port Burwell, Aug. 9-11 2013

Port Burwell is always an enjoyable week-end. It is a shorter drive through the countryside and there is a wonderful beach to spend time at. Unfortunately it was a windy and cooler week-end so we were not in the water but spent much time at the beach. There were many shorebirds who congregated at one part of the beach so I was able to get photo's of some of them. One was the Bonaparte Gull that I have not seen before. There was also a large group of Caspian Tern's. We enjoyed long walks on the beach and enjoyable evenings by the campfire. I spotted a wagon parked by the beach and wanted to get a picture of it when the man returned from fishing. I was able to get some photo's of the Hutterite man with his horse before he hitched it up for the ride home. We had a restful week-end and we are really enjoying the extra space and added features of Georgie.

Our New Cottage on Wheels
Our slide is longer and gives us more room

We also have a slide out in the bedroom

Looking towards the front inside

Looking towards the back 

We have a glass shower now

There is more room in the bathroom

The bed slides out and we have more storage

This wall is wardrobes and drawers with the tv in the center

Shore Birds
A breeding Bonaparte Gull

Caspian Terns

Looks like the Tern is trying to eat the Bonaparte Gull.....

Ring Billed Gull resting on the beach

Not the most comfy way to have a nap

More Sights from Port Burwell
Destroying Angel mushroom / poisonous

A Robin warming itself in the sun

Hundreds of tiny flies on the milkweed plant

A Hutterites wagon 

Giving the horse a drink before the trip home

A wolf howling in a piece of driftwood

What big eyes on the Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth

Drydal's Saddle - non edible

You looking at me?  Eastern Kingbirds

Friday evening Sunset through some clouds

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