Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wheatley, Aug. 2-5 2013

 Wow!! Our new cottage on wheels is wonderful. We had a very busy week-end and enjoyed lots of laughs and adventures. "Georgie" is the new name but our blog will remain Arista Ramblers in honour of our wonderful memories of our first RV.
 The drive down to Wheatley was very smooth and comfy. We arrived, set up camp and did some unpacking and sorting of things in the motor home. We went exploring in the park for a while and then enjoyed a yummy supper before spending the rest of the evening by the campfire.
 Saturday was another day full of adventure. We drove through the countryside into Leamington to do a bit of shopping and head to the Lakeside Bakery and Cafe for lunch and to pick up some amazing dessert squares for dinner with Pat & Geoff in Windsor. If you ever travel to Leamington be sure to stop at this bakery. After a short stop back at camp we headed to Windsor for a wonderful roast beef dinner and visit. We enjoyed a great evening on the patio and had the pleasure of watching a couple of hummingbirds enjoying the nectar of the flowers. We headed back to Wheatley late in the evening. I hope Pat & Geoff had as much fun as we did.
 Sunday we were off to Point Pelee National Park to check out the summer sights there as we had not been there in the summer before. It was very busy at the park but we enjoyed some hiking and had an enjoyable afternoon exploring. We headed back to camp, had supper and enjoyed a quiet evening by the fire.
 Monday we had a relaxing morning before packing up and heading to the lakeside for a walk on the beach and a hike through the woods. We headed home around 4 and stopped at friend's Jim & Susan's to check out the progress of their new home being built after there fire and show them our new cottage. Our week-end was full of lots of memories and firsts.

Georgie set up on our campsite at Wheatley

Bracket Fungus

Light-spored mushroom

This looks similar to a wood mushroom 
but I will let you name it what you want.......

Bee on a cone flower at Pat and Geoff's

We loved watching the Hummingbirds

Swallows on the wires

A Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly

Mom and juvenile Cedar Waxwing at Point Pelee

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing

Mom enjoying the berries in the tree

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly

Enjoying some nector

Large pink flower at Point Pelee

We found a geocache box on our hike

We opened it up and found this inside

Water flowers from our hike at the marsh area

Mom Eastern Kingbird with a treat for the young one

Juvenile has the bee now

Mom flies off to find more food

Willow tree in the sunlight

Peter cottontail on the path in the woods

Great White Egret at the marsh at Wheatley

Female Belted Kingfisher stretching her wings

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