Thursday, June 12, 2014

MacGregor, June 6-8 2014

We put the miles on this weekend. A good friend from childhood, Marise lost her mom on June 4th so we had to make a trip back to Cambridge on Saturday for her funeral. We had a great drive up to Port Elgin but set up at camp didn't go so smoothly. The automatic leveling jacks decided to quit working after it had raised the front tires off the ground about 6 inches. Now what do we do? After trying a few things we placed a call to the dealer and fortunately they had the same issue the day before so it was quickly explained what we had to do. The breaker had gone on the hydraulics and it needed resetting. We just had to find the lever but they really could not explain what it looked like. After the problem was solved we headed to Southampton to pick up my order of my favourite hot chocolate. We took a drive to Denny's Dam but left there quickly as the mosquitoes were unbearable. We headed to John & Joanne's to check out the finished renovations and then to the Enchanted Fusion for dinner. We had a great evening and got back to camp late so no campfire that night. Saturday was off to Cambridge for the day. I was able to visit with a few friends from childhood and catch up on news of there families. We arrived back to MacGregor at 6:30 and took a tour of the park to check out the sites. We enjoyed a relaxing evening in front of the fire. Sunday was a quiet morning at our site and in the afternoon we did some hiking before heading home at supper time.

The mosquitoes even bite the turtles.
Duncan assisted this one across the road.

Nursing Doe on the road outside the park

Jack Rabbit (Hare) at our campsite

My first time seeing these hares
They are much bigger than a cottontail rabbit
Pitcher plant flowers in the evening sun

The pitcher's grow from the base of the plant (carnivorous plant)

Sunset from the pitcher plant marl

Saturday evening visitor enjoying the birds peanuts

Tiny flowers at the campsite

Yellow Lady's Slipper plants on our site

The tent caterpillars are on the move

A white tailed deer in the woods
Brittany calls Drew Drewcifer and we found this 
carved in the wood at the Tower Trail Lookout
Muskrat swimming in the wetlands
Common Grackle nesting at the wetlands
My first dragonfly this year
Song Sparrow a little agitated by our presence

Large patch of lilies at the edge of the park

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