Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rondeau, June 13-15 2014

It was another fabulous weekend at Rondeau Park. There is an amazing amount of new life at the park and many new arrivals to come. We enjoyed riding our bikes through the park and exploring some of the wonderful things that Rondeau always has to see. We spent some time down at the beach watching & listening to the waves roll in. Since this is a busy week for me I will let the pictures tell the story of our travels through the park.

Due to damage from the winter ice the pier 
at the marsh is now just a row of posts

Northern Flicker seen at our campsite

A leucistic Common Grackle (a lack of pigment in there feathers)

A female Barn Swallow tending to her nest

Young Barn Swallows in another nest

A doe out for an evening snack
We had a fawn by our campsite but I couldn't get a picture

One of two bucks we saw on Saturday evening on our bike ride

Male Northern Cardinal coming for some peanuts

Common Yellowthroat Warbler at the marsh

Some of the hundreds of tadpoles at the marsh

5 baby Yellow Warblers in their nest
Mom out collecting food for them

These flowers were growing all along the marsh trail
They filled the air with there wonderful aroma 

The male newt has the female in a headlock.
All part of the mating ritual

Orange delight for the male Baltimore Oriole

The female Baltimore Oriole has a good hold 
with her foot as she enjoys a sweet treat

Time at the water on a warm day

Waves crashing over a fallen tree at the waters edge

Duncan enjoying the crash of the waves

One of a pair of Red Headed Woodpeckers 
tending to their young in the nest

Another mom Yellow Warbler feeding her young that are three days old

Sitting on the nest to keep them warm

Removing a poop sack from the nest to keep it clean
Changing diapers is much better I

The two young birds are getting there wing feathers.

There is a third egg in the nest but it belongs to a Brown Headed Cowbird. These birds lay there eggs in other birds nests and that bird raises them. If the egg or hatchling is removed or destroyed the cowbird will destroy the nest and or hatchlings of where she laid them. What a mean and lazy birds!

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