Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Selkirk, June 20-22 2014

Selkirk is a park we had not been to so we decided to check it out this year. It is a smaller park and there is only one trail to hike. Our campsite was spacious and there were a few large willow trees on it for shade. We took our bikes and did some riding through the park. On Friday evening we had neighbours for the night that were from B.C. but the rest of the weekend we were the only campers in our area so it was a very peaceful week-end. Saturday we drove to Rock Point P.P. to check that park out since we were in the area. This park is a little bigger and has a larger beach. We asked for a park guide when we arrived but even with that in hand we had a hard time following it through the campsites. Even Duncan who is good with directions decided it was not a very good replica of the roads in that area. If we had to be in this area for a weekend we would try to get a sight at Rock Point but other than that we much prefer many of the other parks. On Saturday we drove the Lakeshore Trail on our way back from Rock Point and stopped at James N Allen P.P. to check it out. It is a day use park which was busy with people enjoying the water. We had a relaxing & restful weekend.

The park is known for its Shagbark Hickory trees

I found a heart shaped stone at the small beach

There is a grey squirrel with a red tail at the park
I saw Mr. & Mrs. Downy Woodpecker and there young 
one out looking for dinner on Friday evening

The robins were busy feeding there young
Wild Iris down at the marsh area

Purple is my favourite colour of irises 

Lots of webs on the vegetation at the marsh

Saturday evening company. 
I think he smelled the bacon Duncan cooked for our breakfast on Sunday

We enjoyed two long evenings at the campfire

Sights From Our Saturday Adventure
A larger Snapping Turtle crossing the road

We had to stop to let it cross safely

Lots of people fishing at Port Maitland

A Belted Kingfisher at the Welland Feeder Canal near Port Maitland

Lily pad flower at the canal

Giant Hogweed by the canal. 
This is an invasive plant and if you come in contact with its sap can 
cause blistering of the skin and severe burns if exposed to the sun.

The flower is similar to Queen Anne's-Lace but much larger.
It can grow up to 5.5 meters tall.

Flowers growing by the canal

Golden flowers by the beach at James N Allen Park

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