Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bronte Creek, June 3-5 2016

 This was our first trip to Bronte Creek and we had a great weekend. It was just over an hours drive to get to the park in Oakville. Just after parking the motorhome I looked up the road and there to greet us was a beautiful deer. She kept her eyes on me for a few minutes as I snapped photos and then she headed back into the trees. She seemed to be spending most of her time in that area as we saw her both evenings in the field across from our site. Over the coarse of the weekend we saw that there were many deer living in the park area. This park is divided into two areas. One part is the campground area with a few trails. The rest is the day use park that you have to drive to as the deep valley and creek divide the park into two sections. The day use park has lots of trails, a nature center with barns and animals, play areas with shelters for picnics, a Victorian home that you can tour and a large swimming pool that is open in July and August. On Saturday we spent three hours biking and exploring the day use area. It was nice to get on our bikes and do some of the trails. We saw a few deer while riding on the ravine trail. Saturday evening while we were having dinner Duncan spotted a strange bird on the road. After spending time watching it as it flew and landed many times around our campsite we were able to identify it. It was an American Woodcock but it was very camera shy so I didn't get any photos. It was the bird I had been hearing hidden in the shrubs and trees in the area and now I know what it is. At one point it landed by the fire pit but I wasn't there to get a photo. We enjoyed time by the campfire and exploring this park. This would be a good park to visit at migration time as there is a wide variety of trees, vegetation and ravine areas to attract many species. We had rain through the night on Saturday and the temperatures were much cooler on Sunday. We decided to head home just after 2 on Sunday as the weather was calling for severe thunderstorms and strong winds. We enjoyed our weekend at Bronte Creek and will return sometime again to do more exploring.
This weekend we have decided to head to Point Farms in Goderich. If your in the area be sure to stop by for a visit.

A great welcome

Pollen work is never done

Momma Killdeer trying to hide

Love the feather collar on this wee one

Flowers of a Black Locust Tree
Brown-headed Cowbird showing
off his mating rituals to a female

Children's Farm at Bronte Creek
Angry looking cow

Victorian home with 5 bedrooms and plumbing

Beautiful fretwork on the porch

Natures heart work

I love purple Irises

Red Tailed Hawk being annoyed by Black Birds

Juvenile Cowbird

Saturday evening sunset

Common Yellow Warbler

Singing his heart out all weekend

Evening stroll in the field
Yellow Warbler

After the night time rain

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