Friday, June 24, 2016

Emma Staycation

 We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at home. Saturday we had the pleasure of Emma's company for the day. Ian, Brittany and Drew were going to have a games and movie day together. We spent lots of time playing at the park. Emma's favourite things to do while at the park are swinging on the swings. She has to try out each of the four swings. Going down the big slide and playing with her shovel and bucket in the wood chips. She's always soooooo happy to be at the park. After her nap we spent time outside and she was able to pet the chipmunk that came for some sunflower seed and peanuts. She was quite thrilled that she finally was able to touch her. We enjoyed dinner together and an evening of playing.
 Sunday we all met at the Cambridge Mill for brunch to celebrate Father's Day. Emma was dressed in a gorgeous dress and looked amazing. What a cutie she is! We ate way to much but enjoyed ever bit of it. There was a blue heron fishing in the Grand River below the restaurant so I was able to get a few photos. Emma was so well behaved and had lots of fun being out with all of us. A special thanks to Ian and Brittany for such a wonderful time.
 On Monday Drew came to the park with us and Emma had lots of fun playing with him. She kept him busy either pushing her on the swings or playing on the modern version of the teeter totters. He also joined her for a few trips down the big twirly slide. We had a great staycation weekend.

Playing in the wood chips

Coming down the big slide

Train crossing the Grand River up form the Mill

Emma's pointing to the train

Enjoying her brunch

Ian and Emma making funny faces

Herons a little wet from fishing

Having a good shake to dry off

Ian, Brittany, Drew and Emma walking outside after brunch

Swing time with Uncle Drew

Emma coming down the slide

Oh. here comes Uncle Drew

On the teeter totter. Emma likes the whale

Uncle Drew bounced her so hard her hat was coming off. 
She kept saying, again, again and laughing.

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