Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Earl Rowe May 25-27 2012

We had a hot humid week-end to explore
life at Earl Rowe. The campsites are big and private.
After arriving and setting up we checked out the
park to get our bearings.
We then drove to the Staton General Store to pick
up some of the best fudge in the world. Yum!!
I was able to re-stock my Tiramisu hot chocolate
supply and get a few new outfits for the summer.
We also bought a new sign for Arista.
We enjoyed a campfire that evening.
Saturday morning we went into Beeton for there
annual Honey Fest. Had breakfast prepared by the
local fire dept. and walked the main street checking
out all of the vendors. We spotted a Blue Heron in the
river that evening looking for some supper.
Sunday while out hiking on a trail we spotted another
Pileated Woodpecker. This one was much closer but I
was not able to get a picture before it flew away. I was able
to get a few mushroom photos though. We didn't get out
canoeing as the water was so full of algae by the edges that
we didn't want to get into it. We had a restful week-end.

Images from our week-end.

I wonder how long the beaver worked
to get this much chewed away. I'm
sure his teeth were sore after all this.

Did the beaver really think he was
going to be able to get this stately
Willow tree down?

New life growing in the past life of the forest.

Saturday evening at the campfire.

"Dryad's Saddle" Fungus which is kidney shape.

The forest floors were covered in ferns.

Beeton Honey Festival May 26 2012

Duncan's wondering if we should be trading
"our cottage" in for this classic one.
What do you think??

It's for sale and the car comes with it!!!
Could sleep 2 in the back of the vehicle.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arrowhead Park May 18-21, 2012

Our first trip to Arrowhead Park.
We arrived mid afternoon and started exploring
the park. We hiked the Stubb's Falls Trail and
just enjoyed relaxing and listening to the sounds
of the water. While hiking the trail we experienced
the pleasure of a pileated woodpecker. They are the
largest of the woodpeckers and we had a good view. In
the evening we traveled to the Mayflower Lake and
were able to get amazing photos as the water was
like glass that evening. Saturday we canoed on
Arrowhead Lake and took in the sights and sounds
of the park. Duncan came up with a new song to sing
on Saturday but I have been sworn to secrecy as to its
words....lol Sunday we took a trip through Algonquin Park.
If you want to have some good laughs I suggest you spend
some time watching the inexperienced canoers at the portage
store in the park. We watched as two adults and a child got
into a canoe facing each other then started to paddle and for
some reason they were not getting anywhere. This was just
one of many examples.....lol We stopped at Oxtongue Ragged
Falls on the way back to Arrowhead and hiked the trail up to
the top of the falls. What a View!!! Sunday evening when we
headed down to Arrowhead Lake to get sunset pictures just as
we started to walk the trail we heard cracking sounds and then
a big bang. A large tree to the right of the pathway fell to the
ground. The sounds were amazing. Duncan said if a tree falls
in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make any noise?
I will let you decide the answer to that one. Monday we explored
Mayflower Lake in the canoe before breakfast. An enjoyable long
week-end except for the black flies on one of the trails that seemed
to enjoy nibbling on my ears.

Photos of the week-end

Stubb's Falls from the mid way point on the
rocks to the left of the falls.

A close up view from the same area.

Fungus slowly deteriorating the bark
of a tree.

When one dies another grows to
take its place.

Red Trillium's on the Stubb's Falls

Reflections on the Mayflower Lake. The water
was like glass on Friday evening.

A view of the oxbow on the Big East River as
we explored the Big Bend Trail.

We stopped to explore the shore of Arrowhead
Lake while out canoeing Saturday.

A view of the Oxtongue Ragged Falls west of
Algonquin Park.

A tree will grow anywhere as long as it gets
some of it's roots into the soil. Amazing!!!

Sunset through the pathway to
Arrowhead Lake. This is where we
heard the falling tree.

Sunset through pine branches with the reflection
on Arrowhead Lake Sunday evening.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rondeau May 11-13 2012

Was nice to be back at Rondeau. The park has lots of
trails to bike and hike. We hiked about 4 km of trails
and did an 11 km bike ride down to the point. This was
the first time we headed to the rocky point and it was lots
of fun. I was able to pick up a new piece of driftwood for
the garden on our stroll along the long sandy beach on the
Lake Erie side of the park. There were many birders out
with their cameras trying to capture great shots of all the
migrating birds. I was able to get a few of the Baltimore
Oriole and the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. It was hard to
get good pictures as the tree's had leaved out so much.
At our campsite we were kept entertained by a pair of
chipmunks. One had almost no tail and they seemed to
enjoy chasing each other around. At one point one of
them ran right into the bottom of my foot trying to get
away from the other. Rondeau is know for Sassafras and
Tulip trees. The Tulip trees bloom in June so we will have
to see that on another visit. We enjoyed another great
adventure and the weather was sunny and warm.

Photo's from Rondeau

Sunset through a tree on Friday

There were many "Jack in the Pulpit"
flowers along the Spice Trail.

A lambs head poking out of the tree!!!

Duncan said this reminded him of a leaf when
he saw it. I am off to a good start of finding
new fungus for my photo collection.

The largest fungus I have found since we
started our travels. The color was amazing.

A view of the rocky shoreline from
the point as we biked the trail.

While I was walking the beach I saw this
large fish swimming right by the shore.
Does anyone know what kind it is??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinery May 4-6 2012

We headed out for our first trip of the year.
It sure was nice to be back camping again.
We were both anxious to get back on the road
again. Canoeing was going to be a new adventure
to add to our enjoyment at the parks. Our first
trip was a dry one. Not so lucky the second time.
We ended up tipping the canoe and getting a little
wet. Thank goodness we were close to shore so it
wasn't to bad. I think Duncan is going to have to
work on his balance a little bit.......
We enjoyed a wonderful campfire and our tea and
hot chocolate just seemed to taste better sitting by
the fire.

Photos from the Pinery

Our first campsite of the season

Duncan enjoying our first canoe trip on the
upper channel

Maureen canoeing on the lower channel

This raccoon had been enjoying a drink at the
edge of the channel when we canoed up to get
a better view of it

Painter Turtle out sunbathing. There were
many of them enjoying the great weather.

Lily pads and a great view to the bottom of
the Ausable Channel

Arista's 2012 Adventures

This is our schedule for 2012 from May to the Sept. long week-end.
We will update the rest of the season when we decide where we are going.
We want to check out a few new parks before we make our fall bookings.
If you need to find us just check out our blog to keep you updated.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer and maybe we will see you at one of the Parks.

Family Fun in Algonquin Park- July 2011

Our home for four days at Pog Lake.

View from Highway 60 that runs through the park.

Sunset on Pog Lake.

Ian & Brittany on the Logging Museum Trail.

Drew out on the Booth's Rock Trail.

A moose, a moose!!! We did see a moose enjoying a drink by the side of the road.

The reflections on the calm lake were amazing.

Is this beaver working on getting some branches for a dam remodeling project or just looking for some tender leaves for lunch?

I can grow, I know I can.
It's amazing how a tree will find a way to grow no matter what obstacle is in its path.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Highlights of 2011


The picture of the Blue Heron is my Favorite from this season.

Highlights of 2011 Season

More Memories