Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pinery Nov. 4-6 2011

Our campsite for the week-end. Possible the last one of 2011. :( We have had a great year and are very much looking forward to what adventures await us in 2012

The weather was so warm for a November day that the lady bugs are out sunning themselves on a piece of driftwood on the beach. The high was 15 that day.

On the last day in the park Duncan found a pre-historic birds head along the trail that runs beside the Ausable Channel.

Fungus: Who knew it came in so many images
You can even find seashells as you stroll along the trails of the parks.

Duncan spies the back end of a turtle as it disappears into the side of the tree.

A frogs head is taking a peek at us a we walk through the woods.

I found a cows tongue sticking out of a tree on our walk on the trail.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pinery Oct.28-30 2011

The leaves on the oak trees were at their peek colors of orange and red. We thoroughly enjoyed our time walking through the many shades they had to offer on our hikes through the park. I was surprise at the size of some of the leaves...they were huge.

This is the first time I have come across crimson fungus on our many hikes through the woods. This crimson color really stands out on the bark of a fallen pine tree.

A lone mushroom among the various moss on this pine tree stump. Small but mighty in the October weather.

What a strange looking "male" tree. I had to get pictures of this one. It would make some amazing big bowls if you had the heart to cut it down.

Amazing effects when you throw wood chips into the campfire. Tends to be messy but the view is worth it!! We had lots of fun adding wood chips and pellets into our fire. We wanted to see if it would produce some good heat on the cool nights by the fire. Conclusion: The wood pellets produce all the heat you would ever want.

Monday, November 7, 2011

MacGregor Point Oct.21-23 2011

On our drive down the road into the park we stopped for three deer crossing the road. We thought this was a great start to the week-end. When we stopped to fill with water Duncan knocked on Arista to let me know there were more deer over the ridge so I got out to get some pictures. What a sight to see them so close. Little did we know that we were heading for trouble just down the road at our campsite.......

There had been a lot of rain that week and down we went. After spending an hour and a half putting the leveling jacks down separately on each side so we could lift the tires off the ground and fill in under them with dirt to try and get ourselves out of this mess. I looked to the sky and said a brief prayer to our newest angel to help us as we attempted one last time to free ourselves. We did it!!! As darkness fell we made it out with only inches to spare from hitting a tree as you can see from the tire marks. We returned to the filling station to fill with water again as we had emptied it in hopes of making Arista as light as possible to get free. A late supper and a relaxing evening was very much in store for the two of us.

A walk in the woods is always a great way to find interesting photo opportunities. This walk was so enjoyable. The smell of the pine trees, the changing colors and the many rocks on this 4 km. hike were well worth the journey.

An early morning look at the pond across the road from our campsite. The fall colors are really starting to show there beauty.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rondeau Park

Sept. 30-Oct. 2 2011

You have to look way up as well as down to find the mushrooms in the park. It was a very windy week-end so we didn't do any walking on the beach. It was just to cold for that. The first week-end that we enjoyed some real lazy time at the "cottage". It was even hard to get sunset pictures with the winds blowing up to 80 kms. We were planning a visit to Point Pelee but decided the weather was not going to allow us to enjoy the hike so we relaxed instead.

Carrots, Coral & Campfires

Sept.23-25 2011 & Sept.30-Oct.2 2011

We had a great week-end and even found a field by the park that had been harvested of most of its carrots. We couldn't leave without getting a few for supper and a few for at home. They were so good. We are now being accused by some of being carrot thieves. But we know that they would have just rotted away in the field if we hadn't saved them!!! On our hike on the trails I was able to get a picture of some coral fungus. As most of you know I have become a fungus nut. I find it a challenge to try and find as many different kinds as I can when we are out hiking. We enjoyed a wonderful campfire. It is amazing how we can sit at a campfire for hours at a time and just enjoy the beauty and warmth of it.

Point Farms Sept.16-18 2011

Beauty & Destruction

Our trip to Point Farms was filled with happiness and sadness. We traveled into Goderich to see the damage the Aug. 19th tornado had done to this town. We were shocked to see what had happened. You could see the path that it had followed through town and most of the main square was destroyed. Needless to say there was no Bakery to visit to get our yummy donuts :( But among all of the mess there was some beauty. I was able to get a few pictures of a monarch butterfly feeding on a plant. On Sunday we went for a 2 hr walk on the beach and met this sandpiper that walked with us all the way back from where we had turned around. I had to laugh when Duncan said to me "I've never taken a bird for a walk before" and pretended he had a leash he was holding.

Angels Wings

Sept 4,2011

Early morning sunrise over all of us as we spend our final day with Mom. A special Angel got her wings today. Love and miss you.
View of the Grand River from the Old Mill Restaurant. A wonderful view to cherish with loved ones.

Friday, August 26, 2011


As we drove up to the entrance of Long Point we were greeted by this amazing hawk. I was able to get out and take some fabulous pictures. It was keeping a close eye on me but was not disturbed by my presence. He must have been sent to make up for our last trip here!!!

Family Time At The Pinery, Aug.19-21 2011

A great time was had by all.
Janet, Sophie, Joe, Deborah, Taylor and Kaitlyn joined us for the week-end. They brought tents and set up in the dark as it was a late arrival for them. We learned we can accommodate 8 people quite comfortably in the cottage during a 4 hour rain storm and still have room for some to nap!!! Supper was prepared and enjoyed during the rain. We had 2 great campfires and the SMORES were delicious. I walked along the beach with Janet and we did some rock collecting along the way. The girls did a cycle/canoe trip on the river while we packed up for our trip home. Hoping to do it again next year.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Long Point July 22-24 2011

Disaster at Long Point two weekends ago! Not only were the mosquitos really bad, deer flies as well, but we got hit with a tremendous downpour late Saturday night. Normal procedure on set up upon arriving at any campsite when setting up the awning is to set it with one end lower than the other, to allow any rain to drain off. For some reason that weekend we did not follow standard operating procedures! Can't explain it, just a brain fart! We set the awning up level, it poured down rain, rain pooled on awning, awning support barrel collapsed while we were attempting to drain the rain off, this was around 1am. Maureen and I both got drenched when it collapsed, bugs eating us alive in the middle of a bad storm, much cursing and swearing. All we could do was leave it till morning to deal with. In the morning light, still much speaking of bad words, and kicking one's self in the hind quarters for being so stupid. After much consideration and pondering of what to do next, we rolled the awning up as best we could and drove home. So new awning on order to be installed Wednesday, nothing of the old one could be salvaged. Of course could not count on Sicard's RV to help, they said they would look at it on August 16th, order the replacement, which would take 4 weeks to come in, so maybe they would have it replaced by September. Called Mobile Life RV they got me in this past Wednesday, ordered the replacement, which will be in by Monday, they will install it on the 10th, six days before Sicard's would even have a first look. Only bright spot (pun intended) of the weekend was getting to see a large contingent of fireflies light up the evening, what a spectacle to see these tiny bugs flashing all around us. Great time on the beach but got really badly sun burnt, still peeling the dead skin off two weeks later. Duncan.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 28-31 Reservations

Next week-ends campsite should be less buggy than Long Point.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frog Moss

Our first trip this year. No Easter Bunny sightings but we found a frog!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011