Friday, June 24, 2016

Emma Staycation

 We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at home. Saturday we had the pleasure of Emma's company for the day. Ian, Brittany and Drew were going to have a games and movie day together. We spent lots of time playing at the park. Emma's favourite things to do while at the park are swinging on the swings. She has to try out each of the four swings. Going down the big slide and playing with her shovel and bucket in the wood chips. She's always soooooo happy to be at the park. After her nap we spent time outside and she was able to pet the chipmunk that came for some sunflower seed and peanuts. She was quite thrilled that she finally was able to touch her. We enjoyed dinner together and an evening of playing.
 Sunday we all met at the Cambridge Mill for brunch to celebrate Father's Day. Emma was dressed in a gorgeous dress and looked amazing. What a cutie she is! We ate way to much but enjoyed ever bit of it. There was a blue heron fishing in the Grand River below the restaurant so I was able to get a few photos. Emma was so well behaved and had lots of fun being out with all of us. A special thanks to Ian and Brittany for such a wonderful time.
 On Monday Drew came to the park with us and Emma had lots of fun playing with him. She kept him busy either pushing her on the swings or playing on the modern version of the teeter totters. He also joined her for a few trips down the big twirly slide. We had a great staycation weekend.

Playing in the wood chips

Coming down the big slide

Train crossing the Grand River up form the Mill

Emma's pointing to the train

Enjoying her brunch

Ian and Emma making funny faces

Herons a little wet from fishing

Having a good shake to dry off

Ian, Brittany, Drew and Emma walking outside after brunch

Swing time with Uncle Drew

Emma coming down the slide

Oh. here comes Uncle Drew

On the teeter totter. Emma likes the whale

Uncle Drew bounced her so hard her hat was coming off. 
She kept saying, again, again and laughing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fun with Emma

While I had Emma on Monday we enjoyed time outside blowing bubbles and doing some chalking
on the sidewalk. It took a bit of practice not to put the bubble wand right against her lips but in no time she mastered the art of blowing bubbles and she even managed to catch a few of them. I then asked if she wanted to do some chalking on the sidewalk and she wasted no time putting the bubbles away so she could do some artwork on the sidewalk. It has been a long time since I have chalked and I have to admit I enjoyed it as much as Emma did. We had lots of fun playing outside on Monday.

Her first really good set of bubbles

Her reaction, priceless!!!

Wow, I caught one!

She decided to try it sitting on the porch.
 I love her new hat and she always wants to wear it.

"Come sit down Mamie" and do some chalking.

She was having lots of fun

Point Farms, June 10-12

 We had another wonderful weekend away. Upon our early arrival we set up camp on our usual site and went to town to place our donut order for Saturday pick-up. The water on the lake was quite calm but is still pretty chilly for my liking. There were people in swimming but most were just enjoying time by the water. We were finally able to locate the memorial that was done for the man who lost his life at the salt mine when the hurricane went through Goderich in 2011. Hard to believe that 5 years has past. You would never know that it was so devastating as the town has done an amazing job of rebuilding. On our trip back to camp we stopped at the pond to see if there was anything of interest. The blue heron flew of immediately but I was able to watch two green herons doing some fishing. There was a red-winged black bird that was not happy with my presence but he eventually realized I was not of any harm and settled down. He was just doing his job as his mate was busy feeding the young ones in the reeds. There was a sandpiper busy collecting bugs and flying from side to side at the pond. It clouded over so no sunset picture this evening. We went for a bike ride since we couldn't watch the sunset. We did enjoy a wonderful campfire and listened to our neighbour playing his guitar and singing. He did quite a good job.
 We were suppose to get storms and strong winds through the night Friday but we lucked out and it missed us. All we had was some thunder and lightning just before we retired for the night.
 Saturday morning I went for a hike before heading into town to go to the market and pick-up our treats at the bakery. We then headed to Blythe Farm Cheese to check out the cheese that they make from goats milk. We were able to sample all the flavours and then chose four to bring home. They were all quite nice. One that we liked was made with nettle and had quite a unique flavour. They have over 500 sheep on the farm but get there goats milk from a neighbouring farmer. We spent the rest of the day at the park. We walked the beach which has shrunk drastically because of the lake level and hung out at camp before enjoying the sunset. The winds really started to pick up late that evening while we sat by the fire so we put the awning in for the night.
 Sunday was much cooler but sunny and enjoyable. We had strong winds most of the day and we could hear that the lake was quite rough. We drove into Goderich and spent some time by the beach watching and listening to the waves. I had a hard time holding my camera still when I was getting pictures of the sea gulls fishing in the waves. There weret lots of fish for them to catch in the rough waters. We headed home just before dinner time and it was a windy drive home. Duncan had both hands firmly on the steering wheel for most of the drive. I enjoyed a donut on the way home as I was getting hungry and they were calling out to me to have one while they were still

Lion carved out of tree in Lions Park

Green Heron at the pond

They can really extend their necks for fishing

First time we have seen the tulip tree in bloom at the park

Dragonfly in the morning sun

Looking into the tulip tree flower

Song Sparrow singing his song

Flowers by the beach

Summer Azure Butterfly on the beach sand

This Grackle has white feet and legs that are rather large

It was brave and came to get a sunflower seed

They even use duct tape on the rope lines to 
secure the huge ships at the salt mine
The OPP boat at the Goderich harbour
The seagulls were panting at the beach
I guess it was warm for them

Daisies in the evening sun

Saturday sunset
Very large bracket fungus

The waters were a little rough on Sunday

                                                            Seagulls fishing in the waves

 The one on the right caught a fish

My first photo of a House Wren down by the beach

Female American Redstart enjoying some rays

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Around The House

A few memories from the past week that I thought you may enjoy.

Pop's and Emma enjoying some iPad time together

A pair of Mourning Doves out on a date.....

She's helping with some preening

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in the lilac tree

How Exciting! 
We have a Cardinal nesting on three eggs in our lilac tree

Solomon's Seal in bloom

Bronte Creek, June 3-5 2016

 This was our first trip to Bronte Creek and we had a great weekend. It was just over an hours drive to get to the park in Oakville. Just after parking the motorhome I looked up the road and there to greet us was a beautiful deer. She kept her eyes on me for a few minutes as I snapped photos and then she headed back into the trees. She seemed to be spending most of her time in that area as we saw her both evenings in the field across from our site. Over the coarse of the weekend we saw that there were many deer living in the park area. This park is divided into two areas. One part is the campground area with a few trails. The rest is the day use park that you have to drive to as the deep valley and creek divide the park into two sections. The day use park has lots of trails, a nature center with barns and animals, play areas with shelters for picnics, a Victorian home that you can tour and a large swimming pool that is open in July and August. On Saturday we spent three hours biking and exploring the day use area. It was nice to get on our bikes and do some of the trails. We saw a few deer while riding on the ravine trail. Saturday evening while we were having dinner Duncan spotted a strange bird on the road. After spending time watching it as it flew and landed many times around our campsite we were able to identify it. It was an American Woodcock but it was very camera shy so I didn't get any photos. It was the bird I had been hearing hidden in the shrubs and trees in the area and now I know what it is. At one point it landed by the fire pit but I wasn't there to get a photo. We enjoyed time by the campfire and exploring this park. This would be a good park to visit at migration time as there is a wide variety of trees, vegetation and ravine areas to attract many species. We had rain through the night on Saturday and the temperatures were much cooler on Sunday. We decided to head home just after 2 on Sunday as the weather was calling for severe thunderstorms and strong winds. We enjoyed our weekend at Bronte Creek and will return sometime again to do more exploring.
This weekend we have decided to head to Point Farms in Goderich. If your in the area be sure to stop by for a visit.

A great welcome

Pollen work is never done

Momma Killdeer trying to hide

Love the feather collar on this wee one

Flowers of a Black Locust Tree
Brown-headed Cowbird showing
off his mating rituals to a female

Children's Farm at Bronte Creek
Angry looking cow

Victorian home with 5 bedrooms and plumbing

Beautiful fretwork on the porch

Natures heart work

I love purple Irises

Red Tailed Hawk being annoyed by Black Birds

Juvenile Cowbird

Saturday evening sunset

Common Yellow Warbler

Singing his heart out all weekend

Evening stroll in the field
Yellow Warbler

After the night time rain