Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Port Burwell, Aug. 23-25 2013

I had the experience of a lifetime on Saturday. While we were making supper we kept hearing a chirping sound in the wooded area behind our campsite so I decided to go and explore. With camera in hand I followed where the sound was coming from and eventually had a fledgling Cardinal fly towards me with its mouth wide open looking for something to eat. I had noticed that there had been a pair of Cardinals hanging around since we arrived on Friday. I was able to get a few photo's before mom & dad arrived and got rather anxious with me so close. They eventually flew out of the woods with the wee one following but it was not able to clear the awning and it landed on the back of my chair. After taking a few more shots it was not moving off the chair and the parents were not returning. It cried out many times and I eventually put my finger out and it climbed on so I returned it to a branch on a tree at the edge of the woods. After a while mom & dad came back and they all flew deeper into the trees. It was my first time seeing a baby Cardinal and to be able to assist it back to the woods was a thrill in itself.
We spent lots of time at the beach, enjoyed two evening sunsets and lots of relaxing time at the campfire. Its amazing how you can sit at a fire for so long and enjoy every minute of it. On Sunday I went for a hike along the ravine trail and was able to find the huge tree that we had seen when we hiked the trail once before. I had looked for it since but was not able to locate it. I found out I had to walk the loop that goes to the farthest campsites which I usually don't do. Now the mystery is solved.
It was another wonderful week-end at one of the many provincial parks we love going to.

This is when it flew over to me in the woods
Check out the hair do!

Perched on the back of my chair

Returning the wee cardinal to the woods

Time At The Beach
Lots of Terns, Bonaparte and Ring Billed 
Gulls flying on the shoreline

Purple beach grass in the sunlight

A Spotted Sandpiper near the beach

The beach beans are almost ready

Someone creative beach art

A little breezy Sunday at the beach

Great view over the lake

A walk on the ravine trail

 Friends in the fungus world

I found the big tree

Eye see you looking at my face.......

Natures beauty

Fading coral fungus

Fall leaf caught in a web

A new find for me

Sunset over the water
Golden rays on the beach grass
Sunset through the fine grass

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inverhuron, Aug.16-18 2013

We had a sunny, warm week-end and I enjoyed my time in the water. It has been a while since we have had a nice week-end like this.
Friday we had company for the evening. John & Joanne came for a visit and were our first week-end away guest to check out Georgie. They were impressed! We had a good evening sitting by the fire enjoying the wonderful aroma of the pine wood John so kindly delivered to us. If I had known he had brought more I would have kept it all. It is always nice to catch up with family. We hope they are having a great time in Bristol, Tennessee.
Saturday we did a little exploring in Kincardine and spent time walking the beach. It was a beautiful day and we so enjoyed the warmth by the water. We indulged in strawberry shortcake when we returned back to Inverhuron and it tasted sooooo good! There were lots of birds and there young at our campsite so I enjoyed time with them. It was hard to get photo's of some because of all the leaves on the trees but just experiencing this wonder of nature was a pleasure. In the evening we went down to the beach to enjoy the sunset and spent the rest of the night enjoying the warmth and glow of a pinewood campfire.
Sunday we went for a hike and spent time down at the rocky shoreline. We had a late breakfast and enjoyed some lazy time before heading to the beach for the rest of the day. It was great to get in the water and spend time just enjoying the sights and sounds at the beach.

I see you down there looking at me

Open wide, busy feeding the young one

Colour contrast is always amazing with this flower

Mr. Redstart keeping an eye on the young one

Juvenile Redstart waiting for more food

Sun setting through the trees at our site

One of many flowers by the entrance gate

An old fashion wind turbine

A favorite food of the birds

Pine wood pile thanks to John

Red Squirrel enjoying sunflower seeds

Sun setting over the trees

It is slowly disappearing........

Everything is a glow on a gorgeous evening

Life on the rocks

A dedication to our new cottage on wheels

A rare site this year as monarch numbers are low

Pretty in purple

A Ring Billed Seagull reading the sign

This one just wanted to visit us at the beach

Mennonites in there lane way on our trip home

Nothings more cute than this  

Hot air balloon landing near St. Jacobs

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cute but Destructive

Most people would say awww if they saw this fella

But look what he can do in less than 24 hrs

We got an e-mail from Drew on Saturday saying: Be witness to the destructive powers of a single chipmunk. We now have heavy cement blocks down to try and prevent anymore digging. If this doesn't work we may have to take drastic measures before our cement pad sinks with the shed on it.

Port Burwell, Aug. 9-11 2013

Port Burwell is always an enjoyable week-end. It is a shorter drive through the countryside and there is a wonderful beach to spend time at. Unfortunately it was a windy and cooler week-end so we were not in the water but spent much time at the beach. There were many shorebirds who congregated at one part of the beach so I was able to get photo's of some of them. One was the Bonaparte Gull that I have not seen before. There was also a large group of Caspian Tern's. We enjoyed long walks on the beach and enjoyable evenings by the campfire. I spotted a wagon parked by the beach and wanted to get a picture of it when the man returned from fishing. I was able to get some photo's of the Hutterite man with his horse before he hitched it up for the ride home. We had a restful week-end and we are really enjoying the extra space and added features of Georgie.

Our New Cottage on Wheels
Our slide is longer and gives us more room

We also have a slide out in the bedroom

Looking towards the front inside

Looking towards the back 

We have a glass shower now

There is more room in the bathroom

The bed slides out and we have more storage

This wall is wardrobes and drawers with the tv in the center

Shore Birds
A breeding Bonaparte Gull

Caspian Terns

Looks like the Tern is trying to eat the Bonaparte Gull.....

Ring Billed Gull resting on the beach

Not the most comfy way to have a nap

More Sights from Port Burwell
Destroying Angel mushroom / poisonous

A Robin warming itself in the sun

Hundreds of tiny flies on the milkweed plant

A Hutterites wagon 

Giving the horse a drink before the trip home

A wolf howling in a piece of driftwood

What big eyes on the Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth

Drydal's Saddle - non edible

You looking at me?  Eastern Kingbirds

Friday evening Sunset through some clouds