Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snowman Time

I had Emma over night on Tuesday and all day Wednesday so we built a snowman with the packing snow we got on the weekend even though it was going to all melt away. We've been reading a new book about a snowman and his friends in the forest so it seemed like a fun way to spend some time out playing in the snow. Emma insisted that he not have a hat so that is why his hat is only on in a couple of the  She also had lots of fun taking his carrot nose out over and over again and then she wanted me to put it back in. We enjoyed our time out building the snowman but by the end of Thursday it was all melted away.  :o(

We built it to face the house so Emma 
could look at him from inside

Having fun taking off his nose

Emma looks good with red cheeks. Note the missing hat

She was quite happy with how he looked

P.S. Emma was wearing a hat and mitts but I took them off for the photos.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Were Parked For The Winter

Just in case you don't know mother nature brought us a bit of snow last weekend so we had to say farewell to our weekend adventures for the year. We decided on Wed. the 18th it was time to do our winterizing as the forecast was calling for well below freezing temps and 10cm of the white stuff. We gave the motorhome a good bath and finished the winterizing. Today we drove Georgie to its winter home. I must admit that I didn't want to say goodbye to our weekends out in nature but the snow reassured me that it was time.

Saturday evening winter blast

Sunday morning through the window

Everything is coated in wet snow

Friends That Came To Visit
Looking for a peanut

Found one is the snow

In the morning sunlight

Red Squirrel, new to the neighbourhood

Coopers Hawk in the neighbour's yard on Tuesday

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pinery Nov.13-15 2015

 The winds were howling and it was a little overcast but it was going to be a wonderful weekend.  Off we went to the Pinery to enjoy the fresh fall air and peacefulness that the late autumn has to offer in the parks. During our drive down we encountered snow and rain in different areas but the worst was the winds near St. Paul's. Duncan said it was the worst drive he has experienced and thought we were going to get blown over in a few spots. Once we arrived we set up and sat and relaxed for a bit to calm his nerves before heading into town to check out the surf. I don't think I have seen the lake so rough. I could barely hold onto the camera to get a few photos. Back at camp we enjoyed a hot bowl of homemade soup before spending a bit of time by the fire. It was a short one as the winds were still howling so we opted to relax indoors for the rest of the night.
 Saturday we explored the park for a while before heading into Grand Bend and then to Forest to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy the Christmas spirit that the shops were offering. It was almost sunset when were were heading back to camp. The sky was a brilliant orange and we looked forward to spending the rest of the day beside a warm fire. It was like an early fall night with the sky full of stars and almost no breeze. It was wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of the warmth from the flickering fire. There is nothing more relaxing than having a hot chocolate beside a crackling fire with the love of your life.
 Sunday was a warm 15 degrees so we did some exploring in the park. The winds on Friday had blown quite a bit on sand up onto the roadway by the beach and there was lots of debris along the shoreline. The park also had a fair bit of tree limbs littering the roadways.  Once back at camp we enjoyed brunch and spent some time with the birds and wildlife that came to visit. I really didn't want to head home as the sun and warmth was calling at me to stay along with the Tufted Titmouse birds that I can only enjoy at this park. They are such fun to watch as they fly in and out and interact  with each other.  Well. the car had been hooked up for a while now and Duncan is honking the horn at me so I had best say goodbye to a wonderful November weekend before he leaves without me.

Lots of big waves on Lake Huron

Even they have learned to co-operate

Can you see me now?
Friendly Dark-eyed Junco

Unusual to see rock lined like this at the beach

Keeping a watchful eye

Oak leaves holding onto their red

Tufted Titmouse standing at attention

Gray Squirrel basking in the sunlight

Mr. Nuthatch winking at

Late fall goldenrod in the morning sun

Chickadee posing for the camera

Lots of sand blown up onto the road

Beach debris from the strong winds

Showing a little dominace
Ms. Nuthatch showing her dominance
A roaring good fire

Something lost a feather

Colours of fall in mid November

Look up, look way up

I'm out of here

Chippy coming out of her burrow

Looking good in her winter coat

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pinery, Nov. 6-8 2015

We were a little surprised when we reached the Pinery as there were branches lying all over the sides of the roads. On October 17th they had a snow, sleet and rain storm and with the leaves still on many of the trees it was just to much weight and a number of them snapped off. It is really to bad since last year they had a tornado go through part of the park. I hope all of the wildlife that were displaced from their homes are able to gather what they need to build new ones before the winter sets in. We set up camp and got firewood for the weekend and drove into Grand Bend for our regular tour of the town. It was quite windy and overcast so when we arrived back at the park we drove to the beach. The water is so high that there really isn't a beach. We enjoyed a late dinner and spent the rest of the evening keeping warm by a roaring campfire.
 Saturday morning we relaxed at our site before heading off on a bike ride through the park. They have the big loop through the park closed because of the storm damage and the branches that have not fallen completely down yet. It was a great ride and quite nice out. Later in the day we did a tour to the beach area to get sunset pictures and check out the Bald Eagles nesting area. When we arrived one of the eagles was just flying away. They are such huge birds. The other one was perched in a pine tree. I was able to get a few pictures but it was starting to get dark so they are not the best. When we got back to camp we enjoyed a wonderful bowl of main coarse cabbage soup and enjoyed our long evening by the fire.
 Sunday morning we returned to see the eagles and one was soaring up above us for a while and the other was perched in a tree by the nest. Eventually they both were in the sky soaring above us for a short time. What an amazing sight it was to watch them interact as they glided on the air currents. We stopped at the beach for a while to enjoy the sound of the surf. It was quite a nice day to be sitting by the water. Back at camp I enjoyed watching the Nuthatches, Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers and the Tufted Titmouse as they flew in and out for some nuts. The Pinery is the only park where I can enjoy the Titmouse birds. They can be so vocal at times and they sure stand there ground when the Nuthatches try and chase them away. It didn't take long for the squirrels to figure out there were treats and the one black one was quite bold and not intimidated by our presence. Since the time change has occurred we must head home just after two o'clock so it sure makes for a short Sunday now.
 Our plan is to head back to the Pinery this weekend weather permitting as it is Christmas in Grand Bend, Forest and Bayfield. I can usually get a few nice gifts for Christmas. I'm also looking forward to spending some more time enjoying the birds especially the Tufted Titmouse.

Rays of light at sunset Saturday evening

Mom squirrel in the oak leaves

Tufted Titmouse in the morning light

You never know what is watching you

Male White-breasted Nuthatch

Nice to see them sharing 
Storm damage
Bald Eagle up high in the pine tree

Spiked feather doo

Nest available and comes with acorns

Spotted Turtle

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

Female White-breasted Nuthatch

The forest has some halloween colour

The Titmouse were not as willing to share at the feeder

Looking for nuts that the Nuthatches have hidden

Saturdays sunset over the Ausable Channel

Bald Eagles soaring over us
Very little beach and lots of erosion

Sticking its tongue out