Friday, September 28, 2012

Rambling Dates

Just to update our followers we are booked for the next 2 weeks and then we are staying home the week-end of October 12-14th to help Brittany celebrate a big milestone. She will be turning 30!!!

Sept. 28-30 we will be at Wheatley.
Hoping to see some of the sights of the fall migration.

Oct. 5-8 we are booked at Inverhuron.
We will celebrate Thanksgiving early with Ian, Drew & Brittany on Drew's Birthday October 4th.

As for the rest of the season we will be taking it one week at a time and the weather will determine our plans and how long we will keep our adventures going. I will keep you posted when I know our schedule.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Matheson Provincial Park"

On Wednesday morning I noticed about a dozen blue jays flying by and said it was time to fill the bird feeder with sunflower seeds. My hope is to keep some of the many birds visiting all winter long. Little did I know I would get so many visitors so quickly. I first noticed a couple of robins which I haven't seen for a while. I thought they had all left for the sunny south!! The cardinals were singing there short chirping song & the blue jays were squawking off in the distance so I knew they were still in the area. What surprised me, was just who was going to come and enjoy the seeds I had put out that morning. Just before supper I spotted our friend the rabbit and thought I should get a few shot of him enjoying a snack of fresh grass in the sunlight. Well, from there the visitors just kept surprising me. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed there company. I also captured a few flower shots before the frost wilts them away. ENJOY!!!

Robin in the apple tree

Black Eyes Susan 

Our friend, Peter Cotton Tail
Chickadee at the feeder

Wave Petunia

Mr. Cardinal in the apple tree

Mrs. Cardinal

Stella Dora Lily

Blue Jay on the fence post

Male Downy Woodpecker with a sunflower seed

Red Breasted Nuthatch (First sighting in our backyard)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinery Sept. 21-23 2012

The road trip to the Pinery is always a nice drive. We take the scenic route through the countryside and always seem to see something along the way. We stopped at a roadside stand in the middle of no where on the trip down and picked up a dozen corn. We indulged in some of it at dinner with our soup and it was soooo yummy. We headed out towards Grand Bend after setting up to get some firewood and then into town to see what we could see. Down by the channel I spotter a cormorant so off I went to try and get a few photos. On the way back we took a quick trip through part of the park to see what picture opportunities there were and I was able to get a few good shots. After dinner we enjoyed a warm campfire and Duncan had his usual cup of tea and I had my hot chocolate. What a great way to spend an evening.
Saturday we had a few cardinals that were hanging around so I got out some peanuts to see if I could entice them a little closer. Unfortunately the black squirrel spotted them and quickly collected them for his pleasure later on. He did stop and enjoy the last one with us before he headed off to try and find more goodies elsewhere. We took a short trip to the visitors center to check things out there and sat and watched the birds that frequent the feeders. We got ready for our trip to London and were off for the evening so there would be no fire time tonight.
Sunday was a relaxing morning and then we took a short drive into the countryside to try and find a few picture opportunities that I had noticed on our trip to London the day before. We did find some of them but not the one with the barn in the middle of a corn field and nothing else around. We packed up and did a loop of the park before heading down to the lake. It was so windy and cold on the beach. It started to rain when we were there so we headed back to the motor home and got ready for the trip home. On our way home we passed through a few rain showers and Duncan spotted a rainbow off in the distance. What a nice view we had of it but I was not able to get any good shots of it. Another great week-end away in our mobile cottage.

Cormorant perched on a metal bar
Cormorant swimming in the water
View of channel by the Burley bridge
Lily pads in the channel. Note the shell on one of them
Black Squirrel enjoying the last peanut

One of the cardinal visitors
Female Downy Woodpecker
Male Downy Woodpecker
A Warbler I am still working to identify
White Breasted Nuthatch (male)
Nuthatch with a sunflower seed (female)
Chicken of the Woods Fungus
Bracket Fungus
Working to Identify
Beetle on a car
Barn in the countryside
Old straw bales that are growing on the top
A lone seagull braving the wind & rain on the beach

Diane & Paul's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Surprises are always fun!!! Tears of joy.
On Saturday afternoon we traveled from the Pinery to London to help celebrate Diane and Paul Marr's 50th Anniversary at "Michael's on the Thames". It was so nice to see them and all of the family. There daughter Jennifer did an amazing job of planning and surprising them with a small group of family & friends. We had lots of laughs and the food was delicious. We wish them both many more years of fun and laughter together.
Smiles of joy at seeing all the guests
Diane, Paul & Jennifer looking at the poster that Jennifer made
They still have eyes for each other after all these years
The caesar salad was prepared right at the table and was amazing. I looked up there web site and the recipe was listed there so I thought I would share it with you so you can make it yourself. ENJOY!!!

Michael's on the Thames - Caesar Salad Recipe

1 - whole clove garlic
3 black peppercorn
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
½ Worcestershire sauce
2 heaping tbsp Parmesan cheese
2 ounces olive oil
1 tsp red wine vinegar
2 egg yolks

Juice of one lemon

Dash of Tabasco

Bacon bits


Extra Parmesan

Directions: Using a hand blender or food processor; make sure the garlic is completely crushed and everything else except for extra cheese, bacon and croutons. Blend until well mixed. Pour over romaine lettuce just before serving and toss well. Add bacon, croutons and extra cheese.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Allergic Reaction

Tonight we went out to Ben Thahn to celebrate my Birthday. Joe joined us so we were able to celebrate his birthday as well. It was nice to have him with us for the evening. Unfortunately Ian developed an allergic reaction to something he ate. His tongue started to swell so they thought it was best to take him to St. Mary's Hospital to get checked out. He was taken in and hooked up to IV right away. Now he has the shakes from the EPI they gave him. He will be at the hospital for a few more hours for observation. Hopefully things will settle down and he will be home soon. Sorry my birthday party made you sick. :o(

A model Patient


The COLOURS are starting to show there beauty in the trees along the roads in Southern Ontario. It is always such a wonderful sight but at the same time it is telling us that the camping season is slowly coming to an end and Old Man Winter is waiting patiently around the corner somewhere. If I could skip the winter season I would do it in a heartbeat. Yes, it has its beauty but I would give that up for warmer temps and week-ends at the park.
Taken out the window on the drive home.
The many shades of Fall
The corn is drying and the harvest has begun

Practicing the V formation. Southern migration is underway.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cooper's Hawk

We had another hawk in the neighbourhood on Monday. I was just about to take supper off the BBQ when I spotted it on the neighbours light post.  Duncan & Drew are going to have to wait a few minutes for there supper while I get my camera and head up the street to get a few shots. It seemed unaware of my presence for a few minutes and then it suddenly flew off. I wonder if it was looking for some supper to enjoy? Maybe they have discovered our growing squirrel population and are going to help reduce it for us.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Port Burwell, Sept. 14-16 2012

It was another great week-end at Port Burwell.
The rain stopped just after we arrived and we headed
out to buy wood to enjoy an evening by the campfire.
Since Friday night was the only night we would be in 
the park at sunset I wanted to be sure to get down to 
the beach for some pictures. I was not disappointed.
It was another great evening to watch the sun set over 
Lake Erie.
Sunset on the point with clouds for added effect
Golden reflections on the shoreline
Sunset through the beach grasses
The sun glistening on the beach grass

The sun with a pumpkin face

Saturday was a day away from the park to be spent with family for the wedding of Duncan's nephew. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. We enjoyed time with family and were able to catch with our niece's and nephews.

Jushua & Michelle's Wedding

The HAPPY couple

The handsome Groom
Michelle was a beautiful Bride
Racheal was the flower girl and Connor was the ring bearer. They are our great neice and nephew.
Nannie (May Taylor, 99yrs) sharing some free advice with the newlyweds........
Jushua surprises his Mom with a big kiss!!!
There has to be a funny family picture of the occasion. Was Brandy's singing that funny........
An evening reception in the great outdoors at the golf course pavilion.

Sunday we enjoyed a relaxing morning as I woke with a terrible headache. After a late breakfast we packed up and headed to the beach to check out the surf. I have never seen Lake Erie so rough at Port Burwell. You could actually see the under toe with some of the waves that were coming on shore. Lets just say it was not going to be a water day. I opted for a nap and was able to relieve most of the throbbing in my head. Duncan warmed up the pizza we had cooked earlier on the BBQ and enjoyed a light supper before heading home. We will have to wait until next year to enjoy the sun and sand of Port Burwell again.
Sunlight and reflections on the berry vines
Fungus with a fallen leaf. Yes, the leaves were falling from the trees this week-end
A downy woodpecker came for a visit to our campsite.
The seagulls took flight when I headed to the shore.
The rough waters on Sunday at Lake Erie
It was great watching the waves crashing as they headed for shore.