Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Point Farms, July 19-21 2013

We had a wonderful week-end and got our fill of Culbert's donuts. We have had a very busy week so far and there are still lots of things to get done. This week-end is the Clancy reunion at the Bruder's Campground. I have food to prepare and my sister will be arriving tomorrow for a visit before the week-end so I am going to let the pictures tell the story of our time at Point Farms. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for the announcement coming soon...............

 Storm moving in over Lake Huron on Friday afternoon

View from the beach in Goderich as the storm approaches 

Branches down along Hwy 21 by Point Farms
 Sights from the pond
There were two Green Herons for a brief moment

Sunlight on the bull rushes at the ponds edge
Female Belted Kingfisher

Mom and juvenile Kingfisher

A flower amongst the tall grasses

A blue heron way up in a tree

Reflections in the pond

Saturday's Adventures
They're moving the old train station in Goderich

One of the many cars at the car show in town

Here's looking at you........

Flowers along the old railway trail

A blue heron fishing in the river

Down the hatch it goes

Sweet Pea's growing on the edge of the trail

Sunset at Point Farm's 

Sunset from up on the ridge by our campsite

 Sunday's visitor and beach time
This spider built a web on our car

Close up of the green spider

View of the lake through the beach grass

Things we found by our spot at the beach

Spotted Sandpiper at the waters edge

Announcement Coming, Stay Tuned

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pinery, July 12-14 2013

Hazy, Hot & Humid...........
It was the hottest week-end we have had so far this year. I've never seen so many people at the beach before and parking was at a premium all week-end. We did enjoy the sun and the water was warm. We drove through the loop of the park and enjoyed the sights along the way. My shoulder is almost back to normal but I don't want to aggravate it so we didn't do any biking or canoeing. We spent time at our campsite relaxing and enjoyed time down by the channel watching the herons and the dragonflies. We had a great steak dinner on Saturday, watched the sunset at the beach and enjoyed a campfire. Sunday morning I walked through our campsite area and part of a trail to see what sights I could take in. We always enjoy our time at the Pinery as there is so much to see and do. Next week we are off to Point Farms and the great bakery in Goderich.

 Chippy taking a rest from the heat

The Heron trying to keep cool

Even the bumble bee was resting in the heat

I watched a family of Tufted Titmouse. This is a juvenile one

Blue Heron preening in a tree

Sights down by the Ausible Channel
Ducks keeping cool in the shade on a log

Dragonfly on the lily pads

View of the channel from the edge of the hill

Dragonfly on the reeds in the channel

Flowers and lily pads

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 

Enjoying the nectar of the common milkweed flower

Saturday Evening Sunset Over Lake Huron
Sunset through the beach grass

Seagull in the sunset light

Reflections in the wet sand

A Hiking I will Go.........
Black-eyed Susan

Female Wild Turkey

Poison Ivy
Leaves of three leave it be, berries white take flight
Another face in the trees

Butterfly Milkweed coming into flower

Dragonfly on the tall grass

A flower about to bloom

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Port Burwell, July 5-7 2013

It was another adventure this week-end. When we left home it was raining but we arrived to clearing skies at Port Burwell. We had one of our favorite sites and we were high and dry. Unfortunately the same can't be said for many other campers. They had lots of rain and many sites were mud baths. They even had to close the road to the far beaches due to flooding. The parking lots at the near beaches were covered in water by the dunes you have to cross to get to the beach so we had a beach less week-end. On Friday we went to the docks to see if we could see Jushua our nephew who works diving out in Lake Erie but we couldn't find him. We had a great evening at the campfire. Saturday was a relaxing time as my shoulder is still bothering me. In the afternoon I headed out on the Ravine Trail to see what I could find. Even though I was well covered in bug spray I was fine dining for all the mosquitoes. It was a quicker hike than I had planned as I must have had at least 25 bites before I headed out of the woods and back to our site. After an afternoon snooze we received an e-mail that a friend of ours had passed away earlier in the afternoon so we sat and reflected on some of the good times we had had with her. Later on we were surprised when Jushua found us at our campsite and we had a great visit with him. Duncan & I enjoyed a late dinner and headed down to the docks to see the boat he works off of. For a treat we headed to the ice cream shop and enjoyed a yummy waffle ice cream cone. Not long after getting back to camp a storm rolled in so we sat out and enjoyed the sights and sounds of it. Sunday the sun did return and the humidity rose. I went for a walk to get a few photos of some flowers I had spotted on our way in on Friday. When I got back Duncan had made a yummy brunch for us. We enjoyed the next few hours at our site and headed home. They are calling for a sunny and much less humid week-end this week so I am looking forward to a nice walk on the beach.

The sub from the 2nd World War has arrived 
in Port Burwell and is open for tours now

A young Northern Rough-winged Swallow looking for mom

Open wide mom has some food

Closing it mouth so he won't drop it

Stretching after enjoying the snack
You are not my mom. What do you want?
My hike in mosquito ville!!

Slime fungus

Coral fungus

Tree art in the woods

Red fungus I have to identify

This robin worked all week-end 
building a nest at our site

The boat Jushua works off of in Lake Erie

One of many flowers down by the dock

Northern Rough-winged Swallow feeding her 
young in the condo bird house at the town beach

 Lilly flowers by the road

Rain drops on the lillies

Baby grasshopper on a budding flower

There is lots of water in the bushes

Dainty yellow flowers

A Bumble Bee collecting pollen