Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Winter Walk In The Woods

I have been trying to get out for a walk in the woods at least once a week to enjoy the sights of winter. The past few weeks have been amazingly beautiful with all of the snow we have had recently. There have not been many bird sightings but the coating of fresh snow on everything has made the walk in the forest very eye catching. We came across the remains a coyote left by the path from a meal it enjoyed earlier in the morning. Not a pleasant sight by any means. The chickadees were busy looking for food but were not brave enough to come and get some seeds from my hand. I had to leave it on a stump and hope they found it.

Lets go for a walk together

A snow toadstool along the path

Looking up at a snow covered pine tree

Reflections in the stream

Winters colour in the forest

The coyotes footprint in the snow

Bracket Fungus-(Tinder Polypore)
  with a little snow on it

Burrs along the path

Winters hand

A hat made of snow

Sun reflecting on the stream

A plant encased in ice

Winters beauty along the path

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last Friday we were hit with over 30cm of snow. Grey squirrel and a few birds were out braving the weather to try and get some nourishment.

 Trying to find a few seeds in all this snow

Nibbling on the buds of the pear tree

Braving the wind and snow

This common redpoll found a few treats in the deep snow

Sunday morning I awoke to a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in hoar frost and the view was amazing. This was a perfect opportunity to try my micro lens and see how it works. I was pleased with some of the shots I was able to capture.

White trees and sunny skies

The evergreens with an amazing coating of frost

Frost on the forsythia tree

Ice crystals on a branch

The sun glistening on the crystals

This is my favourite picture

Who knew snow looked so amazing close up.......

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Sighting.......

Could spring be making an early appearance?
On Feb 6th I was sitting in the family room and heard what I thought was a robin. I had to get up and see if I was just hearing things......  To my surprise there was a robin sitting in our pear tree. I had to get a picture as I had never seen one this early. Maybe Wiarton Willie is right with his early spring prediction. Last years first sighting for me was not until March 10th so I will have to see if this robin is a little mixed up or if it really knows something we don't.