Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Walk In The Woods

 On Thursday Sept. 22 my Mom's Lunch Group went for a walk along the Grand River in Blair at the rare Charitable Research Reserve. It was a beautiful sunny day and the company along for the hike was cheerful and we had lots of laughs. I never knew that there were so many interesting things to explore on the property. Growing up near here most of this land was farm land as well as wooded areas that were privately owned so we never explored along that rivers edge. There were two young osprey that were perched on two separate nest boxes that are on the property so I was able to get a few good photos. The other ladies in the group were concerned that one of the osprey might come after me since it was making so much noise as I was taking pictures of it. It did fly off the nest but returned right back to it so I was able to get shots with its wings spread out. As we walked through we past a number of limestone cliffs and also checked out the fossils that are in the rocks that were used to build the rare slit barn on the property. It was a great adventure and we will be back there to do some more exploring.

Close up of one of the fossils in the barns stone

There are many stones with varying fossils

Dew drop on the flower along the rivers edge

Juvenile Osprey keeping an eye on me

Landing back on the nest

Bracket fungi down by the river

The remains of a tree covered in chewed gum
Maybe its a new kind of forest art!

Large piece of Americanum Tooth Fungi on a fallen log

A section of limestone and rocks along the trail

A good example of Shelving Tooth Fungi

View of the Grand River

A natural bouquet at the edge of the trail

A sure sign that fall is upon us

A natural log chair in the woods covered in fungi

Hibiscus flowers growing along the slit barn wall

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big Chair Adventures

 My Mom's Lunch Group decided we had to get our pictures taken in the big chairs that are popping up in different places. So, on Sept 13th we started our adventure to the first chair where we took individual photos as well as a group photo. Unfortunately when Marty was getting down out of the chair her foot slipped and she went for a tumble. We went out and enjoyed lunch before our second photo shoot in a red chair. This one had steps to get into it so we had no injuries at this one. Marty's hand was getting quite painful and swelling so a trip to emerg was required. She had a splint cast put on and has to be seen at the fracture clinic tomorrow. Hopefully she will get good news and be back to work soon. We didn't realize just how big these chairs were until we had to climb into them. When we saw the photos we just laughed as we all looked so small sitting in the chairs.

I look rather small in this chair

Maureen R, Nancy, Me and Marty

My Mom's Lunch Group
We always have such great fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Point Farms, Sept.9-11 2016

 This may be our last trip to Point Farms this year so I am sure that any of you that follow my blog know where we had to visit. Yes, we put in an order for our Saturday morning pick up of donuts and we picked up some cookies from Culbert's Bakery to enjoy that evening by the campfire. I was looking forward to enjoying a wonderful sunset over Lake Huron but the clouds rolled in and it was not as spectacular as it could have been. Never the less it was nice to watch the setting sun before we parked our bodies in front of the fire for the evening. I enjoyed my delicious hot chocolate and Duncan his tea as we were embraced by the warmth and beauty of the campfire.
 When we awoke on Saturday morning it was pouring rain. We both were hoping that the skies were going to release all that wet stuff now so we could enjoy our afternoon outing.  We made the trip into Goderich for our donuts and enjoyed a few before we headed to Blyth for the rest of the day. We were going to meet up with Mike and Wendy to explore the antique steam threshers show. It was great walking around and checking out all the displays and we only had a couple brief misty periods of rain. It was a little disappointing this year as there were not as many of the old steam engines and trucks displaying how they work. We took a shuttle ride around the grounds to check things out as it is quite a large area to cover on foot. Besides it was nice just to sit for a while. We headed into the arena at supper time to enjoy a wonderful roast beef dinner that was put on by a local church group. It was really yummy and we even managed to get the recipe for the wonderful carrot salad that was served. I'm sure that we all agreed we ate too much but that every bite was thoroughly enjoyed. Mike and Wendy headed back home and we enjoyed another evening by the fire. Thanks,  Mike and Wendy for a great afternoon of laughs and fun together.
 Sunday I went for a hike before enjoying brunch. We packed up and did some exploring in the park and a walk on the beach before heading home. It was another great weekend enjoying nature and relaxing in the woods.

Busy as a bee collecting pollen

I liked the colour combination

First signs that fall is upon us

Friday evening sunset by the lake

Steam Thresher letting off some smoke

It was built in Waterloo

How's that for a camper?

One of many trains on display

Pretty purple flowers still blooming

Busy working on its web

Walking to the cliff to see Saturdays sunset

I thought this cloud looked like a 
plane coming in for a landing

Lots of chickadee's in the park

Fungus along the trail

This bee has an abundance of pollen on it

The monarch's are migrating south

Busy collecting nectar for their journey

Thistle seeds glistening in the sunlight

Mushrooms and moss on an old log

There were many sulpher butterflies in the park

These spiders were everywhere

Red squirrel checking me out

Enjoying our walk on the beach

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fun In Kitchener

 We spent the Labour Day weekend exploring the fun things around Kitchener. Saturday we headed to Anna Mae's in Millbank to have lunch with Ian, Brittany, Emma and Drew. They have finished the renovations and it looks amazing. They have a bigger area for all the baked goods and the seating area has expanded. We arrived just as the crowd was building so we got seated quite quickly. We enjoyed a yummy meal and dessert as well as great company. After we finished it was time to swap the prisoner as Ian referred to it! Drew was heading to their house for game time and Emma was coming with Pop's and Mamie for a sleep over. On our way home we stopped at Herrle's Farm Market so Emma could play and we could pick up some veggies. We had lots of fun playing and exploring the Conestoga wagon. After our very late arrival back home Emma had a short nap before we made her supper. Duncan and I were not hungry after our delicious lunch.
 Sunday we had great fun playing with Emma. In the afternoon Joe, Deborah & Katie came for a visit. They were in town getting Taylor all set up in her residence as she is starting university at W.L.U. It was great to see them but we had to cut our visit a little short as we were heading to Ian's for chinese supper and ice cream cake for a late birthday celebration for Duncan. We also were celebrating Drew finishing college and his full time job at SAP. We had a nice visit and did the prisoner swap again as Drew was now coming home with us. Today was also the 5th anniversary of mom's passing so she was on my mind most of the day. Joe and I reminisced and found it hard to believe that so much time has passed.
 Monday I was busy doing laundry and cleaning up after our weekend with Emma. When I get to spend time with her I don't like to do any chores if possible as I want to spend as much time playing with her. It was a great weekend and having Emma made up for not being away. I have to admit I did miss the campfire but Mike was kind enough to send me a photo of theirs to enjoy. Thanks Mike.
 This weekend we are heading to Point Farms and will be spending time at the Blyth Threshers Steam Show. We are hoping we don't get rained on.
P.S. I have also discovered that short tail the chipmunk has little ones that are just starting to venture out of their burrow. I have been having great fun watching and photographing them as they start to explore the outside world. 

Emma the sheep

Pop's checking Emma's height

She decided to be a scarecrow

Emma and Mamie in the conestoga wagon

She had fun playing in the wagon

Mom with a the little one peeking out of the burrow

Little one ventures out for a look

Mom chippy show some affection

Little one peeking out of the burrow

I got a picture of two little ones 

Chickadee in the evening sun

Emma getting ready for birthday cake

Emma helped Pop's blow out the candles

Momma chippy trying to get a peanut skin off her tongue

My.....what a long tongue you have