Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Clancy Oasis" June 24 2012

Mom would be so proud to see all of us enjoying Joe's
wonderful backyard oasis. She said we would have
a great get together there and we were able to do just
that. Its to bad she wasn't here to enjoy it in person
but her spirit was with us. Janet was planning a
week-end trip to Joe's so the challenge was on to
get us all together for a visit in Toronto. We pulled
it off and had a great time. Thanks to Joe and Deborah
for all of there hard work. The food was delicious. Taylor
made a wonderful cake and we were all able to wish
Graeme a Happy Birthday. It was so nice to see everyone
and I am looking forward to our Clancy reunion in August.
Duncan did enjoy his cappuccino latte and the wait was
well worth it!!!!

Niece Aurora enjoying the hot tub.

Having fun in the water.

The pool with a wonderful waterfall running into it. At
the other end there is a hot tub to soak in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Port Burwell June 22-24 2012

It is always nice to take the short trip to get
to Port Burwell. One of my first things to do
was to see if the fields beside our site were
filled with carrots again this year. NO carrots!!!
They had planted corn this year. Duncan
said the bunnies must have been eating to
many of them so they planted something Saturday we spent the
afternoon on the beach. We did get part
way into the water but it was a little too
cool for me. It did feel good just to be able
to cool off a bit. We had a yummy supper
and enjoyed a relaxing evening at the
campfire.We packed up early on Sunday
as we were heading to Joe's in Toronto
for a family get together.

Great evening campfires.

This is a Comma Butterfly that has seen better days.
I like the shadow I was able to capture.

Beach Art. This reminded me of an elephant. (use your
imaginations) The shadow looks like the head of a
woodpecker, therefore it is an elephant with a
woodpecker resting on its back.

There were many plants like this along the trail.

There were a number of young Sassafras Trees growing
along the trail.

These flowers were a sweet draw for the swallowtail

This young bunny spent many hours grazing on our
campsite. Dandelion leaves were the favorite choice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Point Farms June 15-17 2012

We enjoyed our week-end at Point Farms even though
there were a few disappointments. Were traveled up to
Tiverton to get some of my delicious hot chocolate at
a gift shop in town but for some reason it was not open.
On the way back we stopped at Pine River Cheese and
stocked up on our favorite cheeses. Yum!!!
When we got back to our camp site we headed to the
Lake for a walk on the beach. The water was like glass.
What a sight to behold. I was able to get some unusual
pictures of the lake bottom as there were no waves to
interfere with the view. We went for a long walk in the
lake and enjoyed the underwater sights.
Saturday was the day we had been waiting for since last
summer. We were off to the bakery in Goderich for there
unbelievable donuts. Unfortunately there was a sign on
the door. "CLOSED Sat. June 16th" Well our hearts sunk
and our stomachs cried.......... NO DONUTS. What were
we to do without our fix of yummy ooey gooey donuts that
we had waited so long to have!!! :(
We walked the main square, shopped at the market
and some of the shops but we longed for our donuts.
Sunday we biked on the trail and walked the beach.
As we were heading out of the park Duncan noticed
that the odometer was about to change to 15,ooo miles
so I had to get a photo of that. We have enjoyed every
mile of our journey that Arista has given us. Looking
forward to all the adventures to come.

A great country scene.
Fence post, wires and mustard fields.

Amazing Yellows.
Mustard fields near Tiverton.

Reflections on the water from the "Seagull Conference"
at the rocks.

The ripples on the lake from us walking in the water.

The sun glistens on the rocks through the calm waters
at the edge of the lake.

I found the letter "B" for Brittany in the sand.

My shadow as I took a picture of the sand patterns
through the water.

Sunset over Lake Huron

Tracks in the sand. What left this pattern behind as we
saw it at different spots on the beach?

The odometer turned to 15,000 miles on Arista. We
have put over 8,000 miles on the motor home.

Pictures of the carvings that were done to
the tree stumps after the tornado in August
2011. The Town Sqaure looks so different
without all of its stately trees.

Old man looking out towards the lake.

A Piper

A tribute to the Nursing Sisters.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Couple of Funnies

We have had the car, then a van, next the Jeep, now the
motor home to go with it............What is next???
We purchased bikes again so we are starting back near
the beginning so we will have to go through the list again.

Wheatley Park June 8-10 2012

We had some great adventures this week-end. We drove
to Point Pelee and hiked some trails and walked the
Boardwalk at the marsh. Near the Visitors Centre there
were a number of Swallows nesting so we took in the
sights of the young ones being constantly fed by mom
and dad.
On our way we stopped at the Pelee Wings Store
and bought a few things. One was a peanut feeder
for at our campsites so we can enjoy watching nature up
close. When Duncan put it out it took less than 10 minutes
for the blue jays to find it. How do they know so quickly
that there are peanuts there??? I learned that the jays are
very quick at grabbing a nut and flying off with it so it was
not going to be easy to get pictures. There were two muscrats
busy working in the marsh at our campsite so that was also
fun to watch.
Sunday morning we received a call from Joe saying Walsh
had passed away during the night so we had a rather quiet
and sad day.
We always enjoy our trips to the southern tip as nature
and wildlife are always there waiting for us to enjoy.

Brake for Snakes
A garter snake on the road at our camp site to greet us.
Brittany would have been half way back home if she had
been with us on this trip.

Wood Art: "The Eagle Has Landed"

Wall art on the clay edges along parts of the Wheatley

Pink colored sand on a clay patch at the beach.
Reminded us of Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda.

Tree Hugs
This is what you call an Old Oak Tree.
I look rather small next to it.

Evening sunset over the marsh from our campsite.

Blue Jay ready for take off with his peanut.

Cactus growing at Point Pelee our most
southerly point in Canada.

I tried to get a good picture of this mom Black Tern
sitting on her nest but Father Black Tern was trying to
take my head off by swooping at me so I thought it
best that I move on.

Farewell "Pops"

June 10, 2012
Walsh received his well deserved "Angel Wings".
We will miss your smile and many stories that
you shared so wonderfully with us all. We were
so blessed to have had you in our lives.

Walsh, Christmas at the Blackshop in 2008.

A special moment with Walsh and Mom.

Family Thanksgiving 2010

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinery June 1-3, 2012

The previous campers on our site left a hummingbird
feeder behind so we had the pleasure of watching these
tiny friends all week-end long. We just had to listen and
we heard them arriving. What fun it was to have there
company for the week-end.

Just had to get a shot of me with the Beach
Art. We strolled, enjoyed the bright sun and
the sounds of the waves along the Lake Huron

Lets go for a walk in the woods

The trail as we reach the forests edge and begin our walk
through the trees.

If you tilt your head back you can look up
and enjoy the sky through the many species
of pine that grow in the park.

Along some of the open spaces on the trail you will have
great bursts of color to enjoy. How can you not stop and
get a shot of these yellow buttercups.

A new white flower is just starting its life on the forest
floor. You can't miss seeing this one.

The bright orange of this lily is sure to catch your eye as
you approach it on the side of the trail.

While hiking you may be lucky to spot 5 Turkey Vultures
resting on the barren branches along the way.

While walking through the woods you may come across a
pond if you take the short path to the right. Sit for a while
and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Be sure to look around the edges of the pond for
wonderful flora growing. This iris is looking amazing.

On the shoulders of the pond you can enjoy flowers
blooming on the Ninebark nearby.

Looking down along the trails you can enjoy the wonders
of the fungi that grow on the fallen tree branches.

If you look up you see the leaves of the Tulip Tree.

Look down on the forest floor and you see that the flowers
of the Tulip Tree have all but finished there show but you
can still enjoy there beauty.

If you climb and climb you can reach the highest point
in the park and enjoy the view from above the tree tops.

I hope you enjoyed the hike through the woods and we
look forward to sharing another adventure soon.