Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Old Am I Now

Its fun to be ONE!!! This was the theme of Emma's first birthday party. The family all gathered for a  celebration on Sunday, March 15th to watch Emma enjoy her first taste of something sweet. She kept us all waiting as this was the day she decided to have a longer nap than usual. Her cousins Cooper and Max were getting anxious to get the party going. I think they were looking forward to the pizza and yummy cupcakes we were having to celebrate this wonderful event. Ian & Brittany had made it through the first year of Emma's life without any major incidents so it was certainly a great day for them. I have always said first birthdays are more a celebration of parenting and surviving that first year of so many new moments as a family. Its amazes me just how awesome that first year of life is. This past year has brought back so many wonderful memories of Ian and Drew's first years. We have had some wonderful journeys of the past flash before us this year and it has been an adventure making new memories. We love you Emma.

Emma's elephant balloon

Ian & Brittany with the birthday girl and her new chair

Birthday decoration

Emma reading her card in her chair that she loves

Don't I look fabulous!!!
Loving all this attention!!!

Having fun on her special day

I love books and now I have a chair to sit and read
Max, Cooper and Emma
What a special day it was
A sweet treat for Emma

Not sure if I should eat this....

First bite was not that good by her reaction

Starting to like the taste of this

Finger licking good

I really like this chair. Its just the right size for me.
Thanks mom and dad. xo