Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pinery, Nov. 4-6 2016

 Our weekend at the Pinery was one of the best since we had a variety of weather conditions. The weather all weekend was beautiful with daytime temperatures in the mid teens and the nights were above freezing with calm winds on our protected sight. We enjoyed time taking in the sights along the channel and at the beach. I went for long walks each morning and really enjoyed Sundays hike as it was quite foggy and it gave me a chance to get some interesting photos. I came across a buck on Saturday morning and he snorted at me to let me know I was not welcome and then he quickly disappeared into the woods before I could capture a good photo. Better luck next time I hope. Duncan and I were both shocked at the size of the squirrels at the park. They were huge and I hope that is not an indication of the winter ahead. One of the park workers said they have had lots of problems with the squirrels getting into the campers food and tents this past year. They had lots more complaints about them than they had of raccoons. I was able to spend some time with the Tufted Titmouse birds and was thrilled to be able to hand feed some of them. This is the only park that I see them at so it is always fun to spend time with them in the fall while we are there. We enjoyed 2 long evening by the campfire since it is dark so early now. Nothing better than enjoying my delicious hot chocolate with a bit of fluff on top beside a crackling hot campfire. This may have been our last weekend away unless we happen to get a nice weekend forecast before the freezing temperatures set in for good.

Friday evening sunset over the channel

One of a pair of does we saw at the park

Always brings joy to hand feed the tufted titmouse

Our view from our weekend campsite

Morning dew on the milkweed seed

Red railed hawk flying overhead Saturday

Very chubby grey squirrel

Reflections and calm waters

Golden reflections on the channel

Lovely day for a walk along the beach

Downy woodpecker came for a visit

A face looking at us from in the fire

This one thought it was self serve
I had to help it get out of the jar

Foggy morning along the channel

Reflections and fog

Fall colours in the fog

This squirrel lost most of it tail

Nuthatch and chickadee squabble for the nuts

Guess who won?

Fog and sun rays in the campground

Fog at the end of the golden road

Rays shining down on me

All puffed up after a shake