Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fun with Emma

While I had Emma on Monday we enjoyed time outside blowing bubbles and doing some chalking
on the sidewalk. It took a bit of practice not to put the bubble wand right against her lips but in no time she mastered the art of blowing bubbles and she even managed to catch a few of them. I then asked if she wanted to do some chalking on the sidewalk and she wasted no time putting the bubbles away so she could do some artwork on the sidewalk. It has been a long time since I have chalked and I have to admit I enjoyed it as much as Emma did. We had lots of fun playing outside on Monday.

Her first really good set of bubbles

Her reaction, priceless!!!

Wow, I caught one!

She decided to try it sitting on the porch.
 I love her new hat and she always wants to wear it.

"Come sit down Mamie" and do some chalking.

She was having lots of fun

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