Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Rare" Hike, Oct.12 2016

Out for another hike at Rare at the Langdon Hall end of the trail. It was another wonderful day for a hike in the woods with my Mom's Lunch ladies. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the woods and onto some of the Langdon Hall property. The leaves were turning to a golden colour on some of the trees but there was still a lot of green. The milkweed plants that had nourished our monarch butterflies were bursting open and releasing their seeds in hopes of producing new life for the next season. When we left the woods and headed on through the countryside I spotted what I thought were a couple of sandhill cranes so we stopped to get a few photos. I, being an adventuresome person climbed a barb wire fence to try and capture a few closer shots of the cranes. I did manage to get much closer to them before they flew off over the tree line. These are my first photos of Sandhill Cranes so I was excited to see them. We enjoyed a great outing as we always do when we set off on a Mom's Lunch Adventure.

Langdon Hall

Seeds for next years monarchs

I always think of them as angels for the butterflies

Sandhill Cranes in the field

She is getting to close, time to leave

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