Friday, December 23, 2016

Braving The Blizzard

 The bird feeders were a busy place during our first blizzard of the season on December 15th. The competition was fierce as they were all wanting to fill up so they had energy to keep warm from the biting winds and blowing snow. It was quite interesting to watch them appear about every two hours fill up on sunflowers and disappear into the  cover of the evergreens. There were a few times during the later part of the day when the sun would try and break through the clouds and it gave me an opportunity to get a few photos with good lighting on the American Goldfinch.

Keeping its feet warm

Even the European Starlings were visiting

A male Dark-eyed Junco

House Finch with its back to the wind

The only squirrel to brave the weather and visit

A little more sheltered on the porch

Coming in for a landing

Its a little windy out here

A piece of peanut on the end of his tongue

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