Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inverhuron Oct. 5-8 2012

Windy & Cold with a Little Rain thrown in for good measure!!!
We have had an amazing year of traveling so it is to be expected that sooner or later the cold north winds were going to blow in and bring the chilly weather along with them. It didn't stop us from having an excellent week-end at Inverhuron Park though.
We arrived to sunny skies and strong winds. The lake was so loud and our site was near the water so we listened to the rough waters most of the week-end. After setting up we headed down the road to pick up campfire wood so we could enjoy time by the fire. We headed to Port Elgin to go to the Hi-Berry Market to pick up our winter supply of squash. After arriving back at camp to enjoyed a dinner of left over turkey with all the trimmings from Drew's birthday celebration on Thursday evening. I honestly believe it tastes better as left overs. Maybe that's because there isn't all the work involved when enjoying it the second or third time around!!! We spent a wonderful evening at the fire and at times it was so hot we had to move back so our legs could cool off.
Saturday was going to be a road tripping day. We headed off to Goderich to visit the local bakery and get some of those ooey gooey donuts that we enjoy so much. We picked up an extra dozen to take with us to Southampton on Sunday. After a few more stops in town we headed down to the lake to see the waves and take in the sights. This would most likely be our last trip to Goderich this season. Our next stop was the railway trail so I could get some photos of the fall colours along the Maitland river. It was so windy that I didn't spend to much time up on the tressel for fear of getting blown off. We then took a tour around and headed north to Pine River for a stop at the cheese factory. Our next stop was the gift store in Tiverton to pick up some of the delicious fudge to go with the donuts we were taking with us on Sunday. After a nap, it was time for dinner and another evening by the fire.
At one point during the night we both woke up and commented on how quiet it had become. The winds were dying down and so was the lake noise.
Sunday we spent great family time at my cousins house in Southampton. It is always nice to get together and have some laughs. We really lucked out and were able to enjoy another dinner of turkey left overs. By the time we headed back to the park the fudge and donuts had pretty well all been devoured. The Clancy's are known for there "sweet tooth's" and they sure proved it!!!
We had put peanuts out on Friday to see who would come and visit and we were not disappointed. Monday morning I spent far to much time outside enjoying there company and getting pictures. But, I knew my time with them was coming to an end. Duncan suggested I put some nuts in my hand and see if the chickadee's would come and take them. Well, they did and the rest is history. I almost had the red squirrel eating out of my hand but I would have needed more time I think. He would come over to me but not take them from my hand. Our last visitor was the blue jay and he was quite the little piggy. He would collect as many as four peanuts out of the shell at a time and then be off before returning for more. We took a trip down to the lake and walked a short hike before headed home. On our way out of the park we came across a porcupine on the road in front of us. I had never seen one up close and personal like that. Duncan stopped and we watched it saunter across the road and into the bushes. It made his day as he had not seen one for many years. He did let me know that I didn't want to follow it into the woods to try and get a better picture as it would not be a pleasant experience if I encountered its quills. Advise taken and we headed for home.

Thanksgiving week-end photo's
We have so much to be thankful for

Mennonite children playing in a school yard. Taken on our trip up

Shaggy Mane Mushrooms (edible)

Old railway station in Goderich

Fall colours along the Maitland River

Red, orange, gold and green

View towards town from the north side of the river

One of the many boards purchased by people to build the walkway over the river. Did Bill do this and not tell anyone??
Some of the many pumpkins at Hi-Berry Market

Gourds for fall decorating

Dinner with family in Southampton.......YUMMY!!!

HI, I'm Charlie!!!   John & Joanne's kitten

Collecting my treats at your campsite

Posing for my picture on a rock!!!

Enjoying a nut that I don't have to shell

Another guest of ours. A Blue Headed Vireo

Waiting his turn in the trees

Looking for peanuts on the ground

I've got a peanut!!    Eating out of my hand

Who ate the last one???

An early visit from a Dark Eyed Junco

Getting as many as I can in one trip........

One at a time is more polite, don't you think?

Blue waters of Lake Huron

Shoreline view through the beach grasses

Bridge on the trail by the beach

View from the bridge

Porcupine!!!  (taken from the safety of the motor home)

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