Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wheatley Sept.28-30 2012

We had a great time and many pictures were taken. Upon arriving we noticed a huge paper wasps nest in a tree so we planned to head back after setting up. After getting a few pictures of that we went down to the beach  so we could enjoy some time at the water as it was sunny and warm. We watched the cormorants at the marsh area for a while and then headed back to our site to get supper ready and enjoy an evening fire. We had a visitor come but we quickly discouraged it as we were not up to entertaining a raccoon for the night. I did something to my neck of Thursday while at home raking so I was not up to doing anything that I didn't have to do. It was going to be a well medicated week-end for me.
Saturday we headed to Point Pelee for the afternoon. We went down to the Point first and took in the sites of the monarch's and other butterflies migrating south. We were surprised at how far out the point went on this trip. It was obvious just how low Lake Erie was. We then headed to the Marsh Boardwalk and spent a couple of hours there. Half way through our walk we came upon a blue heron doing some fishing so we spent the better part of an hour just watching it. I was in awe of just how they travel through the water and get there food. What a great picture opportunity it turned out to be. It was getting close to supper time so we headed back to camp for a dinner of soup and sandwiches and another evening by the fire. I struggled to stay awake and headed to bed early for what I was hoping would be a good night sleep.
Sunday we spent the morning just relaxing as my neck was still quite sore and Duncan's knee had swelled up from all our walking on Saturday. What a great pair we were!! We enjoyed a delicious late breakfast of eggs, ham, fried potato's and toast. We packed up by 1:30 and headed over to the marsh area at Wheatley to see if there were any of the Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Canada Geese or Painted Turtles hanging around so I could get some pictures. Again I was not disappointed. I spent a few hours on the bridge boardwalk enjoying there presence. Duncan was with me for part of the time and then he went and had a nap before we got on the road for our three hour drive home. It was nice to have such a sunny warm week-end at Wheatley as it is usually cooler and wet when we head that way to take in the sights of the spring and fall migrations.

Black squirrel enjoying an acorn
Paper wasp nest
Wasp exiting the nest
Blue dragonfly on the boardwalk
Canada geese floating on the marsh
Look out, run, he's mad as hell!!!
One of the Great Egrets
Great Egret up in the trees
Painter Turtles out sunning themselves all covered in algae
Cormorant just after surfacing with a leaf on its back
I caught a fish!!! One of many we watched it catch
Down the hatch it goes
Blue Heron taking off
Coming to have a visit with another heron
Coming in for a landing

The bees were busy collecting pollen
The trail heading down to the point
Duncan standing on the most southern point of Canada
Water line at the shore of the point
One of many feathers on the point
The fall colours are starting to show at the point
Monarch butterfly resting before the big journey across Lake Erie
Butterfly resting on my leg

Turkey Vulture flying overhead
Butterfly collecting necter on the flowers
Keeping his eye out for a snack of fish
Blue Heron in the marsh at Point Pelee
Beach Jewels!  Some little girl lost her head band at the point.
View from the Tower at the Marsh Boardwalk
Fall colours are showing there beauty in the marsh grasses.

Lonely old barn in a corn field
Fall colours from our drive near St. Thomas

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