Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MacGregor Nov.16-18, 2012

So long, Farewell......
What a wonderful finish to an awesome year out at the parks with Arista. This is the longest season we've had and it was full of wonderful memories and firsts. We had 28 week-ends away and only a couple of them were wet ones so it was a wonderful year in our great parks.
We arrived at the park and were greeted by my cousins wife saying that "trouble has just arrived" I don't know why she thinks that as we are always so well behaved........ She let us know that the burned out motor home was still on the site from the fire the week before so we had to check it out. What an amazing sight it was. If you smell smoke and you are in the vehicle my recommendation is to get out and quick. There was not much left of it. We toured the park just before sunset to see if we could spot any deer but they were all hiding. We enjoyed a nice dinner and spent the evening at a warm canpfire. We listened to the Canada Geese chattering away off in the distance most of the evening. Just when we thought they had settled down for the night they would start up again.
Saturday I went for a walk around our camping area to see what I could see. I was hoping for some morning fog over the ponds but it was clear. We spent time with the feathered friends who came to visit and a couple of red squirrels at our campsite. When it came time to get our supper going in the crock pot Duncan discovered it had a crack so a trip to Port Elgin was in order so we could have supper that evening. Once we had bought a new one and got supper cooking we were getting limited on what daylight hours were left. We just relaxed at our site for a while before going for a drive through the park to check out the sights. We were able to see four deer as we traveled around just before sunset. We spent the rest of the evening in front of a great fire and enjoyed a late supper of roast beef, potato's, carrots, turnip and parsnips. What a yummy last supper and so easy when you use a crock pot.
Sunday was going to be our last day until next year and we just wanted to enjoy quiet time in nature. The birds were coming to get there sunflowers seeds and we had a few great laughs watching the two red squirrels trying to keep each other away from the few peanuts we had put out for them. It was quite comical to see how they would try to out smart each other. I have to admit I had a tinge of sadness that the day had finally arrived when we would have to end our season. We also have many wonderful memories and photos that we can look back on over the next few months of cold winter weather. After all we will have to start planning next years ramblings in December so we are sure to get our choice of park for the May long week-end. I have enjoyed keeping you all up to date on our travels and I hope you have enjoyed our posts. I will keep you updated on our winter happenings and look forward to next years intriguing season of Arista Rambings!!!

View of Chantry Island from MacGregor Point at sunset.

The remains of a 26 foot C Class motor home that burnt the week-end before

What's left of the engine.....Wow

This is what a burnt out tire looks like

Ouch!!! The firetruck hurt my bark rushing to the fire.

Late fall at the park

A thin layer of ice on the pond Saturday morning

Plant life at the ponds in late November

It was nice to see some greenery so late in the season

Orange Jelly Fungi on a conifer log

This red squirrel has a great view from its perch in the tree

I got a peanut, I did, I did!!!

Duncan feeding the red breasted nuthatch

Chickadee landing on my hand for a treat

Looking up at me as it comes for a sunflower seed

Chickadee waiting it's turn for a sunflower seed

Looking for some more treats to enjoy

Our first deer sighting of the week-end

It's amazing what I hear with these big ears

This one was not as comfortable with us near by

This Scottish fella is carved in a stump just outside of Teeswater

Sunset through the tree's near Elmira

A Mennonite wagon with its light on as sunset approaches

Our last sunset from our travels this season. 
Taken just outside of Elmira on our trip home

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