Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinery Nov. 9-11, 2012

An amazing week-end for November!!!
We had a great time and the weather just kept getting warmer as the week-end progressed. We reached a high of 16C on Sunday and enjoyed every minute of it.
We took a trip up to Goderich on Saturday morning to get our last dozen donuts until next year. While we were there we lucked out and were able to watch them plant the first new tree in the square. They had flatbed trucks full of trees to unload and plant. This I am sure will help to bring back some of the beauty that the tornado destroyed last year. On our trip back to the park we came across horses pulling a carriage in Grand Bend to help with there Christmas celebration. When we got back to the park we enjoyed a 15 km bike ride through the park. At one point I had to slam on my brakes as a deer went running past in front of me. What a surprise that was! We enjoyed another wonderful campfire that evening. It amazes me how the flicker of a fire can keep you mesmerized for hours at a time. I will certainly miss our time in front of the fire this winter.
Sunday was a quiet day at camp. Duncan made a wonderful breakfast and I enjoyed my time with all of the parks creatures that came to visit. We had to head home by 2 since it gets dark so early now. Another week-end full of many pleasures.

 Week-end Memories
Our view from the campsite

The lake was calm but very hazy

A Hairy Woodpecker came for a visit on Friday

Deer prints in the sand at the beach

A nuthatch collecting sunflower seeds in the evening sun

Some of the trees arriving to be planted in Goderich

A Pin Oak Tree is the first to be planted

All settled into its new home in the square

Horse and carriage giving rides in Grand Bend

Wearing there Christmas hats to help with the festivities

View up the Ausable Channel

Reflection in the Channel

Sunset reflection on the water

A bears head sticking out of the tree

Campsite Visitors
Enjoying a sunflower seed

This fella was a little on the shy side

Mrs. Downy Woodpecker

Mr. Downy Woodpecker

A first for me. A nuthatch eating out of my hand

Tufted Titmouse looking back at me

Looking for some sunflower seeds to enjoy

Coming to collect a peanut

Chickadee, dee, dee

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