Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 14th Visitors

I was able to enjoy the presence of the White Winged Crossbill for a few days again. He has such an amazing amount of colours on him. He's a rather skittish bird so I had to be quick with the camera button to get any pictures of him. He did co-operate and I have a few memories of my time with him.

He has a seed on the end of his tongue

I was able to get a shot of him in the tree

A nice view of his back and his wing pattern

That bill looks like it could hurt......

 Leucistic House Finch
This fella is missing some of his colour on his head. 
This is due to a genetic disorder that affects his 
ability to colour his feathers.

This House Finch is showing off his intense mating reds

Dark Eyed Junco enjoying a few rays of sun

My little Red Poll is posing for me!!

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