Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

The sun is making a few more appearances and the mercury is rising on the thermometer. It may be just a brief sneak of things to come but I will enjoy every minute I can get. I have had a few visits from a flock of cedar waxwings and that is a sure sign spring is on its way. I have also had the pleasure of a male downy woodpecker visiting recently. The warmer temperatures have been wonderful for taking walks in the woods and enjoying the sights and sounds of spring. The creeks are running a little faster and the birds are singing and fluttering about with a bit of excitement in there voices. I have noticed the squirrels are pulling out some of there fir so they must be getting ready to nest. Just what I need, more squirrels vying for my bird food. I do have to admit it is fun watching them try to figure out how to try and get food from the squirrel proof feeders. Below is a selection of some of my recent photos.

Morning beauty after a night of wet snow

The snow on the trees looks like cotton balls

Looking up through the snowy lilac tree

Keeping an eye on me as he scales the neighbour's wall

Some of the visiting Cedar Waxwings

Front view of the Cedar Waxwing

Back view of the Cedar Waxwing

A fuzzy Red Poll napping at the feeder

Winter serenity

Pussy willows coming to life

Fungus on a log in the woods

A friend with gorgeous blue eyes that we met on our walk

Fence along the edge of the creek

Someone has been building a shelter

A fly sighting on our walk March 6th

Mourning doves are singing and soaking up the rays

Mrs Cardinal with a few snow flakes falling

Downy enjoying a little suet

The sun glistening in his eye

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