Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Peter Hallman Ball Yard, June 21-23, 2013

Duncan & I put in a full week-end at the Legends Fastball Tournament here in Kitchener this past week-end so there was no relaxing by a campfire. We did however get to camp at the diamond so it was a week-end away. We were running the concession for the tournament so Duncan was doing lots of grilling. I set up & helped in the kitchen and Anne and I were looking after the finances for the week-end. A big thank-you to Drew for spending most of the week-end helping us. It was wonderful having you there and we received compliments from people who enjoyed your company and all your hard work. It was a very hot and humid week-end so I am sure Duncan and  Drew sweated off a few pounds working at the bbq. I was able to take a bit of time to try and get a few pictures. I spotted a pair of Cedar Waxwings building a nest in a tree behind the motor home so I enjoyed some time watching them work away together. It was a successful week-end so all the hard work was worth it. The local Children's Wish Foundation supplies a number of volunteers and will get a donation for all there hard work. A special thanks to Anne from Children's Wish. It was a pleasure working with you and your wonderful volunteers. Duncan & I are both looking forward to a very relaxing long week-end at Awenda.

I was able to get a picture of Anne. 
She is always taking photo's of all her volunteers.

Mushrooms growing on a straw bale by the creek

Schneider creek runs through the park

A hawks nest high in a tree by the creek

A Red Tailed Hawk flying over

Spotted Sandpiper beside the creek

Cedar Waxwings Building Their Nest
The Mrs. adding another twig

Mr. Waxwing bringing in supplies

They worked together most of the week-end

I think she is calling our for more supplies....
 Taking a rest from all the hard work

Mr. Waxwing basking in the rays of sunlight

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