Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Presquille, June 7-9 2013

This was our first adventure to a park in the eastern part of Ontario and we survived the trip down the 401 to Presquille. I have to admit that the drives to our usual parks are much more scenic as we travel the back roads where ever possible. There were highs and lows to our first visit to Presquille and the rain didn't help either. I was able to get some up close and personal photos of a raccoon and there were a few families of swans that I was able to photograph and enjoy watching. One of the main trails for viewing birds and wildlife was under boardwalk renewal so we couldn't take advantage of that part of the park. We did hike a few of the other trails and the marsh trail was full of lots of life. We had a quiet Friday as it rained most of the evening. Saturday was spent out exploring and enjoying a wonderful evening at the campfire. Sunday we did some more hiking and I was able to spend more time with a family of swans. This family was all together and there were 5 baby cygnets to enjoy. They are so soft and cuddly looking. While Duncan rested for the drive back home I took another trip through the Marsh Boardwalk area and was able to enjoy the sights and sounds as the sun had finally come out on Sunday morning. We will travel back to this park in the future but either earlier in the spring or in the fall to take in the migration of the birds and butterflies. We had a good week-end and thank goodness we invested in a bug light as the mosquitoes were very much alive and looking for victims.
Life at Presquille
Most of the roads through the park are tree lined

This Caspian Tern just dove in and caught a fish

Raccoon up in a cedar tree by the park store

Up close and personal

A view of the top of the lighthouse

This was the lighthouse keepers cottage

A Chickadee fledgling out by the lighthouse getting
covered in cobwebs as it tries to get back to a tree

I made it to a tree and now I want mom to feed me

This Song Sparrow was singing his heart 
out in the sun and Sunday morning

A chair cut into the remains of a tree stump 
along the main road in the park

Lichen growing on a fence

A face in a tree near the beach

Fungus that looks like a head with a hat on it

Enjoying a peanut on the rope that held the peanut feeder

Washing his hands when he finished

This fella is missing parts of his ears.....aww

Papa Mute Swan enjoying some quiet time
Male (cob) Mute Swan 
This floss is just not working........

Female (pen) Mute Swan and her 4 cygnets

I want to fly.......
Let's Walk The Marsh Trail
Marsh flowers in full bloom

Male Swamp Sparrow
Look close for the bugs on the leaves

A beautiful pond lilly

Sunlight on a fish in the marsh

Baby Red-winged Blackbird waiting for food

A Woodpeckers work on a Cottonwood Tree

Horsey Tree near the end of the trail
Mrs. Wood Duck and her 8 ducklings. Female Wood Ducks raise their 
young on their own as the males fly north for the rest of the season
Another Family of Mute Swans
A family portrait

 Photo of the five children

Another Awwwwwwww moment

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