Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Emily, Sept.13-15 2013

We braved the 401 east bound for the second time this year to try a new park. It was a slow trek through the Greater Toronto area. It was just over 3 hours to get to Emily Park which is just west of Peterborough. We had a little rain on our trip and this was the coldest day so far this fall. Only a high of 12 celsius. After spending a bit of time trying to find the most level spot on our campsite we went for a tour of the park. When we got down by the water Duncan spotted a bird on a post so I got out to investigate. This was the only picture I was able to get of a bird this week-end and I will post the photo further down. We saw a few chickadees and heard a nuthatch and some jays. I put out some seeds on Friday and they were not touched all week-end. We spent Friday evening indoors as it was windy and cold so we opted for a TV night.
Saturday we went for a drive to Emily Tract and did a long hike through the woods. It was a sunny warm day to be out on the trails. There was lots of fungus and mushrooms and we enjoyed watching a hairy woodpecker digging for treats way up in the trees. We toured the area a bit and headed back to the park to relax for the rest of the day. After a yummy supper we spent a long evening in front of a roaring campfire. There were still red embers on Sunday morning.
Sunday was a little overcast and cooler. We hung out at the cottage just enjoying the peaceful views. We had a wonderful brunch before heading back out on the highway for the trek back home. Emily is a nice park but not what Duncan and I prefer to stay at. We like to walk the beaches and hike on trails and Emily has two very small beaches and a very short trail if you can call it a trail. We are off to Rondeau next and we always have lots to enjoy there.

A plastic owl protecting the beach area......lol

We saw lots of Peter cottontails

Lets Go For A Hike
One of many signs on the trails

Hugging the old White Pine Tree

Looking way up towards the top of the pine

Reflections in the Chatten's Creek

Someone has put bird feeding platforms along the trail

Black Witch's Butter (Jelly Fungus)
Pretty in the sunlight
Turkey Tail (Bracket Fungus) growing in a circle

It was an informative hike

One of many Musclewood Tree's

The largest cluster of Brown-Spored Mushrooms I've seen

Busy bee. These flowers were all along the trails
A farm gate post at the top of the trail
A view from the tree tops

Pumpkin face in a log

Some of natures beauty along the way

View along the trail

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