Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rondeau, July 15-17 2016

 This was an extra special weekend as we had guests. Drew, Ian, Brittany and Emma were coming Saturday for an afternoon at the beach and to have supper with us. Emma was then staying with us until Monday evening. She was going to be able to have her beach time and a sleep over in the motorhome as well as at the house. She has been saying for a while that she wanted to go to the beach in the motorhome so now she was able to have her wish come true.
  Friday we had the pleasure of seeing a doe and her twin fawns. They were trying to cross the road into the campground area but were having trouble as it was busy with so many people checking in. Later that evening we saw them again enjoying some grass by a cottage on the bay side of the park. We watched them for about fifteen minutes until it started to get dark and they moved on. The fawns were running around and playing with each other. Lets say they were being typical children. When we returned to camp we had a campfire.
 Saturday we went for a bit of a tour and checked out the beach areas for our afternoon by the water. It was cool and cloudy in the morning but the sun and warmth rolled in for the rest of the day. Emma was quite excited to be going to the beach and she spent lots of time playing in the sand. She was a little timid about getting in the cool water but she eventually enjoyed herself. Dad and mom were swinging her back and forth and she was making lots of splashes. She was trying to catch some of water in her mouth as you can see from the pictures. Dad and Drew were also playing motor boat with her and she loved it when the boat went fast. At one point while she was playing in the sand she got a few bugs on her and she freaked. She would stiffen right up and just scream until someone took it off of her. It was sad to watch but funny at the same time. We stopped for an ice cream before we enjoyed dinner together back at camp. Emma sure enjoyed her ice cream and tried to get the rest of Ian's as well. Ian, Brittany and Drew headed home about eight and we had a bit of time at the campfire before Emma was more than ready for bed. She snuggled in with her zebra and new puppy and was sound asleep in no time. Duncan and I enjoyed the rest of our evening relaxing by the fire.
 Emma was up by 7:30 Sunday morning so her and I had some breakfast before we headed out on a hike. She enjoyed herself by the bay area watching the people fishing. Further along we stopped to watch the boats out in the bay and look at all the seagulls perched on the remains of the dock. On our way back we enjoyed seeing a monarch butterfly on the flowers on the milkweed. Emma wanted to try and catch it so she went into the taller grass but it flew away. When we got back to camp we all went to the visitors centre so Emma could see the turtles, fish, ducks and all the other animals that are there. She ran around outside and sat and watched the birds at the feeders. We had a late brunch and packed up to spend the afternoon at the beach. On our way to the beach Emma fell sound asleep so we decided it was best to head home rather than sit there for a couple of hours while she slept. It was a good decision on our part as she slept almost all the way home. We enjoyed our evening together and she had lots of fun playing in the tub before bed. A special shout out to Emma for a fun and entertaining weekend.

Emma having fun playing in the sand

Even the squirrels get their greens

Swallowtail butterfly at the beach

Doe and her twin fawns

One was a little bigger than the other

Keeping an eye out on the others

Young Grosbeak trying to get dad to feed her

A field of lavender

Having fun in the water

Uncle Drew's turn to give Emma a motorboat ride

Emma trying to catch some water from the splash

Seagull and its many reflections
Look, Emma can fly
Emma enjoying her ice cream

She has a firm grip on daddy's ice cream 
now that hers is

Red breasted woodpecker

My first photos of a Purple Martin

Purple martin house with a variety of occupants

Seagulls have new perches on the remains of 
the dock that was destroyed by shifting ice

My first monarch photo this year

Emma checking out the ducks

Finch collecting thistle seeds

Young Peter Cottontail dining on grass

To tired for beach time

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