Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wheatley, June 30-July 3 2016

 It was a wonderful Canada Day long weekend. We spent Friday exploring Wheatley Park and had the pleasure of seeing a deer at the edge of the forest along the beach area. This was the first time seeing one in that area of the park. We enjoyed an evening by the campfire and had an uninvited guest that wanted to join us but we sent the raccoon on its way.
 Saturday we enjoyed the day at Point Pelee National Park. To our surprise it was free admission and we enjoyed some birthday cake to celebrate Canada Day. The water levels were very high so there is not much of a point. They also lost the camera that they had on the point for taking regular pictures due to winter storms. We  took the back roads back to Wheatley which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was another quiet and restful evening by the fire without any creatures visiting.
 Sunday we headed to Windsor to spend time with Pat and Geoff and see their new home. We stopped in Leamington at the bakery to get some yummy treats to enjoy after dinner. We had a great visit and a fabulous dinner. I think it is safe to say we all ate to much but enjoyed every bite of it. They have a beautiful home and we enjoyed a relaxing evening on the patio.
 Sunday morning I went for a walk and found a pair of Indigo Buntings that must have had a nest near by. The male bunting was quite vocal about my presence and she only appeared for a brief period. This was the first time I was able to get such a close look at these beautiful birds. They really are an amazing colour of blue. We went for one final tour of the park before we headed out to spend some time at Rondeau Park on our way home. Unfortunately the girls working the gate said we would have to pay a fee for the motorhome because we didn't have a permit for it. At Wheatley they only issue permits for the moving vehicle which was the car. We tried to explain this to them but to no avail. So, we drove into the park and turned around and headed for home. To say the least we were two very unhappy campers. Not the best way to end a great weekend.

 A pleasant surprise along the beach road

We had the pleasure of a pair of cardinals 

They must have had young ones they were feeding

Tiger lilies with a touch of sun

Promethea Silkmoth
It has a wingspan of about 4in

A young chipmunk came to visit

Not much of a point at Point Pelee

The pear cactus were in bloom at Point Pelee
Barn Swallow doing some preening

Red wing blackbird resting on a bulrush
Artwork on the marsh

Feeding time for the barn swallows

Open wide

Telling secrets.....

Momma wood duck with her 9 ducklings

I assisted this painted turtle across the road

Thistle plant going to seed

Sunset through the trees

Indigo bunting protecting his nest

The colours on the bunting are gorgeous

Having a little shake after some preening

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