Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carrots, Coral & Campfires

Sept.23-25 2011 & Sept.30-Oct.2 2011

We had a great week-end and even found a field by the park that had been harvested of most of its carrots. We couldn't leave without getting a few for supper and a few for at home. They were so good. We are now being accused by some of being carrot thieves. But we know that they would have just rotted away in the field if we hadn't saved them!!! On our hike on the trails I was able to get a picture of some coral fungus. As most of you know I have become a fungus nut. I find it a challenge to try and find as many different kinds as I can when we are out hiking. We enjoyed a wonderful campfire. It is amazing how we can sit at a campfire for hours at a time and just enjoy the beauty and warmth of it.

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