Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Point Farms Sept.16-18 2011

Beauty & Destruction

Our trip to Point Farms was filled with happiness and sadness. We traveled into Goderich to see the damage the Aug. 19th tornado had done to this town. We were shocked to see what had happened. You could see the path that it had followed through town and most of the main square was destroyed. Needless to say there was no Bakery to visit to get our yummy donuts :( But among all of the mess there was some beauty. I was able to get a few pictures of a monarch butterfly feeding on a plant. On Sunday we went for a 2 hr walk on the beach and met this sandpiper that walked with us all the way back from where we had turned around. I had to laugh when Duncan said to me "I've never taken a bird for a walk before" and pretended he had a leash he was holding.

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