Monday, November 7, 2011

MacGregor Point Oct.21-23 2011

On our drive down the road into the park we stopped for three deer crossing the road. We thought this was a great start to the week-end. When we stopped to fill with water Duncan knocked on Arista to let me know there were more deer over the ridge so I got out to get some pictures. What a sight to see them so close. Little did we know that we were heading for trouble just down the road at our campsite.......

There had been a lot of rain that week and down we went. After spending an hour and a half putting the leveling jacks down separately on each side so we could lift the tires off the ground and fill in under them with dirt to try and get ourselves out of this mess. I looked to the sky and said a brief prayer to our newest angel to help us as we attempted one last time to free ourselves. We did it!!! As darkness fell we made it out with only inches to spare from hitting a tree as you can see from the tire marks. We returned to the filling station to fill with water again as we had emptied it in hopes of making Arista as light as possible to get free. A late supper and a relaxing evening was very much in store for the two of us.

A walk in the woods is always a great way to find interesting photo opportunities. This walk was so enjoyable. The smell of the pine trees, the changing colors and the many rocks on this 4 km. hike were well worth the journey.

An early morning look at the pond across the road from our campsite. The fall colors are really starting to show there beauty.

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