Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Awenda, May 17-20 2013

I got one, I got one!!! I finally was able to capture a picture of a Pileated Woodpecker. This is only the second time I have seen one in all the time we have spent out at the parks. Duncan spotted one way up in a tree and I was able to get two pictures before it flew off into hiding again.
We had a wonderful long week-end away. We stopped at the General Store in Stanton to get our fix of fudge on the way up. When we arrived at our site there was a yellow-bellied sapsucker woodpecker waiting to greet us. Well, not really there to greet us but just looking for bugs I'm sure. After setting up we headed to Kettle Lake to see what we could see. There was not to much action there but the scenery was great. It was nice to take in the sites of this wonderful park again.
We drove into Midland on Saturday to get fuses for the brake buddy as it blew its fuse on the way up.  On the way back to the park we stopped and had some yummy poutine in Lafontaine and picked up campfire wood. Later we hiked the beaver trail and that is where we saw the pileated woodpecker. We enjoyed a wonderful evening at the campfire and it was so warm we didn't even need jackets.
Sunday we met up with Mike and Wendy for lunch in Midland. It was nice to reconnect with them and catch up. Hopefully we will see them again soon during our summer travels through the parks. Sunday evening we enjoyed the sunset by the water even though it was a little cloudy.
Monday we hiked the beaver trail again in hopes of seeing the woodpecker but he could only be heard and not seen. The mosquitoes had come to life by then so we were glad we had lucked out with almost a bug free week-end. We had no rain to dampen our plans and the weather was amazingly warm for the May long week-end.
Memories Of Awenda
 Pileated Woodpecker way up in a tree

Heart shaped log in the bush

A back lit red trillium 

Yellow-bellied sapsucker welcome 

The trilliums were in full bloom throughout the park

A male American Restart at Kettle Lake

Jack in the Pulpit flower along the Nipissing Trail
My first siting of a Gray Catbird

I love the colour contrast in this trillium

 Ring Billed Seagull taking in the sunset

Sunday evening sunset with the haze

Faces In The Woods

Chester The Chipmunk Comes To Visit


Reflections At Kettle Lake
 There are many colours even in spring

Almost looks like a fish with the reflection

 We love Awenda! Can you find the heart shape?

The lake was like glass on Sunday evening

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