Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week in Review

It had been a very busy week and there are still things to do before we head out on our first of many week-end away. I was out hiking 4 days in the past week and the weather was so enjoyable. So nice to have the sun and the warmth finally return. I just have to remember the sunscreen!


Magnolia in bloom

Painted Turtles enjoying the warmth

Turtle of many colors

Posing for the camera

A sparrow trying to join the Downy Woodpecker for some suet

Tree Swallow singing his hearth out!

Largest turtle I have seen in the wild. 
I think it is a Snapping Turtle. It was about 14 inches across.

When it surfaced it had a small turtle on it back

Backyard visitor

Reflections on the pond at Huron Woods
Someone lost a feather

Caspian Tern at Snyder's Flats
Ruby-crowned Kinglet at the neighbourhood pond

Beaver at Snyder's Flats

Shoe tree at Snyder's Flats

Can you find the sparrow building a nest in the osprey's nest?

Mr. Osprey standing guard while the Mrs. is nesting

Doing a little shaking after preening

Photo's With The Macro Lens

Rain drops on the tulips

The doffodils have opened

A tiny raindrop on the petal

Fully open and showing its beauty

Pussy Willows going to seed

Some of the first flowers of the forest

Just about ready to open

The yellow center on such a dark plant

Soaking up the sun on the forest floor

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