Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinery, May 24-26 2013

Another wonderful week-end of adventures. It is always nice to get back to the Pinery and we were able to have our favourite site which made it even better. After setting up we had to do our usual drive into Grand Bend to see the sites and for Duncan to check out the motor homes that are for sale just outside of town. It was very windy at the beach so we didn't stay long. On our way back we drove the loop in the park and took in the sites along the way. Everything is so green at this time of year and the view was much different from our last trip down in late fall. We enjoyed a roaring campfire and a relaxing evening.
Saturday we headed up to Goderich to see how the town is progressing with all the rebuilding after the tornado in 2011 and of coarse to make a stop at the bakery for some donuts!!! On our return trip back we stopped at Neftel's Creek Conservation Area.  Just after parking the car a Yellow-rumped Warbler decided our mirror was another bird and proceeded to flirt with it. It was quite funny to watch and I was able to get a few photos. We hiked one of the trails and continued on our journey back to the Pinery. We enjoyed a great supper that had been cooking all day in the crock pot. We headed out for a hike in the woods and sunset on the beach before relaxing at the campfire with a cup of tiramisu hot chocolate. Yummy!
Sunday we had a lazy morning before going for a walk on the beach. The step on the motor home started to act up and would not fold up. It would work some of the time and not other times. So when we were able to get it to close we shut it off. We stopped at the Visitors Center and I went for a hike on the Cedar Trail while Duncan had a snooze. When I got back and opened the door the step came out even though it was shut off. Well, that was the start of a long process of trying to get it to close again. We tried many things and in the end we drove home with it down. After getting home I opened the door and the stair closed. We have decided there has to be a short somewhere and will have to get it fixed. For now it has been disconnected and we will have to climb a little bit to get in. No more traveling with the step down. It was a nice week-end and we enjoyed our time at the Pinery as we always do.

Dwight the raccoon greets us on our arrival

A Male Eastern Towhee

A little windy even for Mrs. Cardinal

Nothing tastes better than a donut from Culbert's

The square in Goderich with all the new trees planted

There are new planters that can be used for seating

Neftel's Creek
Male Yellow-rumped Warbler

I see something in this mirror.......

What a good looking bird!

This bird is hard. Why can't I touch this other bird?

Follow the winding path through the trees

Pine trees tilting but not falling

Look way up to the tips of the trees

Back at the Pinery
 Saturday evening hike through the flowers

Evening sun on the flowers

So many flowers to enjoy at this time of year

Late day reflections on the Ausable Channel

Waiting patiently for the wind to blow

Beach grasses at sunset

Sunset over Lake Huron

Chickadee came to visit

Do the nuts taste better than what is in your mouth?

Writing in the sand...........

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at the feeder

Female having her turn at the sweet treat

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak reaching for a snack

Strawberry Wild Columbine

Flowers along the Cedar Trail

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