Thursday, July 3, 2014

Awenda, June 27-July 1 2014

We had a wonderful 4 night long weekend away. The weather was hot and humid but with so much tree canopy in the park it was quite an enjoyable weekend. I have to admit that the mosquito population was dining on me much more than Duncan. We kept our bug light and candles going most of the day and that helped to keep them away. Our Monday walk on the beaver trail was a quick one as the mosquitoes were out in full force after the brief downpour we had. Friday we spent time at Kettle Lake and watched the loons with there little one. The evening was spent enjoying the flicker of the campfire. Saturday we went to Wye Marsh and toured through Midland and Penetanguishene. There was a tall ship at the harbour in Midland so spent some time checking that out. Sunday we met up with Mike and Wendy and went for lunch at the Quarterdeck in Victoria Harbour. They had not found that restaurant before but will add it to there list of places to go. We then drove to Honey Harbour for a visit and back to Penetanquishene to spent time at the marina. It was a great afternoon and we will try and meet up again in September. Monday was a relaxing day in the park and an evening at the fire. On Tuesday we did one last tour around the park to check out the sights and spend some time at the lake before packing up and heading home in the afternoon. We always have great memories when we visit Awenda.

Our weekend hideaway
A wee toad to greet us at our campsite
View across Kettle Lake
Reflections in the water

Dad & Mom Loon with there little one

Yuck!! I don't like those skins

The inner membrane on the owls eye is used to protect & clean the eye
A Northern Saw-Whet Owls upper eye lids

A young groundhog out for an afternoon nibble

Natures chair

Trumpeter Swan

Bath time at the marsh

Drying off the wings

Fully extended and almost dry

The pond lilies were in full bloom

The ferns cover the forest floor by the marsh

A male hairy woodpecker looking for food

One of two young chipmunks at our campsite

Her fur is fluffier and more pale in colour

The tall ship Peacemaker at the Midland Harbour

View of the rear sails

Evening reflections at Kettle Lake

Young raccoon by Kettle Lake

It was very photogenic

Rays of light above the clouds
Sunset over the bay

A cell tower on our way to Honey Harbour

This Wood Thrush was a regular visitor at our site

Baby toad in the evening sunlight

Hairy Woodpecker in the tree canapy
And there has to be a mushroom pic from Awenda

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