Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rondeau, July 18-20 2014

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall. It has been a while since we've had rain interfere with our weekend travels. We enjoyed a wonderful Friday exploring the park and relaxing by the campfire. During the night the rain started and it rained until just after lunch on Saturday. Needless to say we had a lazy morning at our "cottage".  We were able to get out in the afternoon and enjoy some of the amazing sights the park has to offer. Since the mosquito's were so bad in the forest we were not able to enjoy any of the trails. We made a few trips to the canal area to check on herons but there were none to be found. Must have been hiding from me on the weekend. I was able to see one as we left to go home but we couldn't stop to enjoy it. In the afternoon on Saturday we traveled to the far end of the park and came across a young bunny out enjoying some greens. There were cotton tail bunnies all over the park. At one point we saw six of them together. It looked like mom and her 5 young ones. I was able to enjoy the sunset on Saturday and it was an amazing red one. We spent the evening enjoying the flames of the fire and just as we were falling off to sleep the skies opened up again and it poured. I have to say I enjoy listening to the rain during the night. Sunday was sunny, warm and humid. We spent the afternoon at the beach enjoying the wonderful day.

Lots of Black-eyed Susan's in the park

A young male Downy Woodpecker is just getting his red feathers

Damselfly on a twig

Close up of it on a dried leaf

Flowers at the Visitors Center that attract butterflies

This is a very large patch of Chickens of the Woods 
fungi back in a swampy area along the road

The first young bunny we saw enjoying some greens

I love the colour of these wild flowers

Eastern Kingbird perched on a tall weed

Butterfly Flowers with rain drops

Mommy barn swallow with her young one

One of the five little ones brave enough to have its photo taken

I found Flopsy the bunny. 
It had just shook its head to get the bugs off when I took it.

Saturday sunset over the marsh

Mrs Rose-breasted Grosbeak (mom)

This is her young one that she and dad were feeding

The young one was doing some preening

Time for a wing stretch after the preening

 Ox Eye Flower with a wee bug

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