Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Point Farms July 11-13 2014

We had a wonderful but also disappointing weekend in the Goderich area. We enjoyed some relaxing time at the beach and we were able to witness a deer coming for a drink at my favourite pond in the area. Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo to share with all of you. After arriving at camp we set things up and headed into Goderich to place our Saturday morning pick up order at the bakery. Picked up a few things in town and made a stop for wood before spending a relaxing evening at the park. Saturday we planned to meet Beth, Rick, Mary, Kathy and Nikola in Bayfield for the Tall Ships that were there for the weekend. In the morning we headed to Pine River Cheese to get some of there yummy cheese before picking up our donuts at the bakery. After a breakfast of donuts.....lol  we had a sandwich and headed to Bayfield to see the tall ships. It was rather disappointing to find out that there were only two ships and they were smaller two mast boats. With all the advertising we had seen we were expecting much more. We did however enjoy the few hours we spent with Beth and the rest of the gang. We enjoyed time on the pier and walked up to the main street and enjoyed an ice cream treat before heading our separate ways. We spent most of the evening enjoying a campfire before the rain headed in about 11p.m.  It rained off and on most of the night but the sun was shining when we got up so we enjoyed a great afternoon at the beach. I spent some time doing artwork in the sand and taking a few pictures of it to share. Another great weekend spent in the Goderich area.

Belted Kingfisher in the evening sun

Blue Tailed Dragonfly looking for food
Young Wood Ducks at the pond

Friday evening "super moon"

Tall ships in Bayfield

One of the sails was left out for us to see

Some of the boats in the lake
were bigger than the tall ships

Blue Heron flying at the pond

Flower growing by the pond

A Red Tailed Hawk flying by

Was surprised to find this growing from a log on the beach 

The deer have been down to the water for a drink

Butterfly milkweed in bloom by the beach

What a great sight to watch and walk in on Sunday

I decided to write Emma's name in the sand

A wave came along and started to wash it away  :(

So, I wrote it out with pebbles that will last longer

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