Friday, October 17, 2014

Awenda, Oct. 9-13 2014

We had a wonderful 4 day adventure. We headed out by mid afternoon on Thursday and were able to get set up just as darkness was arriving. We had a wonderful big secluded site so it will be added to our list of favourites. We enjoyed adventures in the park as well as around the area. One day we traveled into Penetanguishene, Midland and then up to Six Mile Lake Park to see what it was like. It looks like a great park if you are tenting or have a small trailer as many sites are right on the water or up on the ridge of rocks.  On our trip back we took the scenic route along Big Chute Rd. We enjoyed three evenings sitting at the campfire until almost midnight and sleeping til later in the mornings. It was a very relaxing time. I was a little disappointed with the fall colours as many of the trees in the area were still green or just getting yellow. The park was much more colourful last year. We finally found the cottage that you can rent at the park. It is a lovely stone building with its own private beach. We hiked a few of the trails and spent time at the lake and walked along the beach. We both always enjoy our adventures at Awenda as it is such a lovely park.

View from a high point along Airport Rd

Our site in the woods taken from the road

Our view from our chairs at our campsite

Tooth Fungus with a acorn resting on it (edible)
Looking across Kettle lake at the fall colours
Top side of a purple mushroom
Underside of the same mushroom
Chippy out collecting acorns for winter
Chipping sparrow collecting dried grass

Fall colours along the back roads

View along the Big Chute Rd.

I love this sign in the window at Flynn's Pub

One of three common mergansers at the marina
A female hairy woodpecker that visited at our site

Clear waters over the rocks at the shoreline

The cottage you can rent at Awenda

Lichen in bloom on a large rock

Let's go for a walk in the woods....

A clump of brown-spored mushrooms that are edible

A younger form of tooth fungi that is edible

A pileated woodpecker at our campsite
Reflections at sunset on Kettle Lake

The Canada Geese are heading south

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