Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inverhuron, Oct. 3-5 2014

This was truly a fall weekend. High winds, cool temperatures and rain. We even had a bit of hail thrown in with the mix. This is the first weekend in all of our travels that we didn't put out the awning for fear of damaging it with the gusts of wind. Our site was quite protected but we were not taking any chances. I must say that we had many firsts to add to our list. The first weekend with no campfires as we were both still recovering from our colds and the rain was so sporadic that it wasn't worth trying to get one going. The first time that there was no beach to walk on as the water was so rough and high that the waves were actually washing away the banks. I was also able to photograph three birds that I had not seen before. One at our campsite one by the bridge in the park and the other which was a Rough-legged Hawk that was at the side of the road between Inverhuron and Macgregor Park. We were able to drive up to it slowly and get pictures of it on the edge of the road and then it flew a short distance. I got out of the car and took a number of shots of it in the tree. It kept an eye on me but didn't fly away. What an amazing experience for both of us. This hawk lives and breeds in the Arctic and comes south for our winter months. I went for a walk along the rocky part of the shore on Sunday morning and did a trail hike in the afternoon before we headed out for our journey home. It will be so nice to spend 4 days up at Awenda for Thanksgiving weekend. We head out Thursday afternoon and return Monday evening. I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend time in the fall colours and I hope to take a few wonderful photos of them. We will celebrate our Thanksgiving dinner with family next Thursday evening.

Surfers out on the waves at the main beach

The sun made a brief appearance so I 
could get a few early sunset photos

Chickadee on a Sumac tree branch

Blue Jay collecting some peanuts

Fall colours appearing on the trees along the road

Rough-legged Hawk at the edge of the road

Sitting pretty in the tree

Keeping an eye on me as I enjoy its presence

Lighthouse at the Southampton harbour

Happy red squirrel at our site

A pair of chickadees getting a few seeds

A first for me. A Golden-crowned Kinglet

Lots of this type of mushrooms in the park

Red Squirrel enjoying a peanut

Field Sparrow by the bridge on my hike

A water bug leaves an interesting pattern in the water

Still a few flowers in bloom

Rough but lovely waters all weekend
Washing away the sand banks
Even the park garbage can got taken into the lake

A huge piece of bracket fungus. 
I placed a quarter on it for comparison.

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